Adrian Peterson: "I’m looking at it as knocking a little rust off."

Adrian Peterson Postgame Interview, Washington Redskins vs Denver Broncos

On how his body felt tonight:

"My body feels good right now. I will see how it feels in the morning. But I feel like it responded well. It felt good, didnt get tired, so cardio is where it needs to be and right now Im looking at it as knocking a little rust off."

On if he felt like he needed the extra workload:

"Yeah I did. I was coming home, working out, training, spending time with my kids, and missing all OTAs and training camp. It was very critical especially coming into this third preseason game. You get out there to get a feel not only just for me but to get something on film so we can go back. I was communicating with the offensive line, Hey we got to do a dash on this play and a different speed. So I think we may have learned a lot from this."

On adjusting to the offense:

"I feel like Ive been doing a good job. The terminology is kind of similar to what Ive experienced in the past, but I still have a lot to learn. I still have two and a half weeks and Im just going to keep my nose in the books."

On missing training camp and whether he relies on muscle memory for game situations:

"Yeah, and then you get your reps in practice that was really good as well to go out there and shock the body, because it is different from cutting in front of 300 pound guys and trying to sprint in front of them, so when I got out there, it was all about being patient and not trying to rush, just hit it when I had the opportunity."

On if it is strange playing a preseason game:

"No not at all. So many years I begged to play in preseason and I have been shut down so they didnt have to beg me at all to play this week."

On if he feels that he has made an impression so far:

"Not really, but me just taking advantage of the opportunity and coming in and then setting an example for the young guys and making the guys on the defensive side and offensive line better with how I approach practice -- thats been my mentality going on 12 years now so for me it is normal."

On if he was trying to prove anything to himself tonight:

"To kind of gauge and see where I was because I missed OTAs and training camp. [It was] my first time experiencing that. Half of the year I had my ACL, but I was still working out and I was able to run around first team a little bit with no contact, so just kind of getting out there on the field [to] see how my legs felt and to see the field with the offensive line."

On future games:

"Well see**,** Ill talk to Coach [Jay Gruden] and we will go from there. I have two and a half weeks ahead of me before the season opener and based off how I felt today, I am very excited."

On developing a relationship with running backs:

"It was easy to sense that this was a tight, tight group. I just see that just by sitting back and watching how they converse with each other. But theyve been very helpful as well, will kind of point out and teach me little things. Kind of help me along the process. So I feel like for us and the group, theres a lot you can expect from us this year. And you know me just being around for going on 12 years, theres things that I see and I know that I try to teach those young guys. So were helping each other."

On playing with T Trent Williams:

"It felt good. Its something me and him have talked about for a minute now. Just to have an opportunity to be behind him and the rest of the crew. Its a blessing for me because the past couple of years, its been kind of rough as far as offensive line goes for me. Particularly, New Orleans had a really decent offensive line. We already know how that ended but you know, its cool, Ive really enjoyed it so far."

On 15-yard carry on a 4th down conversion:

"I remember in the huddle, when Alex [Smith] called the play. I was like, Dang you know. Normally I like the lead play just to kind of cram it in there to get the first down. But then, I was like, You know what? Im sure theyre going to stack players to the inside, A gaps and B gaps, trying to take it away. So when he called the play, I just kind of got it into my mind that I was to be patient and watch and see how the play developed. I actually had a two-way go. I could have took it into the C-gap and I almost did. The outside was wide open so I just kind of turned on the speed a little bit. Got around and tried to make a big play out of it. I got to the sideline and Trent embraced me. And I was like, Man, I should have crossed field. And he was like, No, you did good. You did good. But Im always thinking that way. Im going to the sideline, Im asking the guys Hey, what do you guys think I could have did better, this, that and the other. And I do the same thing for those guys, you know, make sure you come ask me. Im also going to those guys and telling them what I think they could have done better as well."

On if he believes mentoring young running backs is part of his role:

"Yes. Definitely. This week, its kind of been, you know, having [Robert] Kelley, and [Kapri] Bibbs, those guys kind of talking and I kind of catch them looking at me sometimes you know. And its like, hearing some of the stories about who these guys were in high school and in college and how they watch film and highlights of me. Thats why I play the game today, to inspire the young kids. They know me by my game but the adversity and the things we go through, just being strong. To be here and actually have those guys around, those guys that looked up to me, and be able to mentor those guys is a blessing. Everything comes around full circle."


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