Jared Goff on leading the team back into the game + preparing for Week 10

Jared Goff previews the Week 10 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.

(On his experience on The Ellen Show)

"Yeah, that was fun. We filmed it yesterday. It was really quick. Went down there and got to spend some time there. My family got to go and (T) Andrew (Whitworth) brought his family, his wife as well. It was really fun."

(On if he felt like he was cheated because he didn't win the throwing competition against Whitworth)

"I thought I hit it a couple times. It was so close. But, no, it was a little fun game. It was good. I'm glad Andrew won."

(On his 9-yard run against the Saints and if he's an avid running quarterback)

"Yeah, I'm getting really fast recently. So, I've been trying to really show off my legs a little bit (laughs). That play was one of those where it's a designed pass, but if there's room out in front I can tuck it down and run and that's happened a couple times in the last few weeks. I don't feel like I'm going to break any records, but can pick up some yards when I need to."

(On Head Coach Sean McVay joking that Goff didn't pick up the first down on that run)

"I know. I do. No, he's right. I do. I was really trying to avoid a hit, but probably could've got a couple more yards there."

(On what kind of athlete P Johnny Hekker is)

"He's an amazing athlete. I think he's honestly one of the better athletes on our team. I know that sounds weird coming from a punter, but he truly is. You see him do the stuff he does on the football field and the way he's able to kick the ball, obviously. But, when he throws the ball around with us you go, 'Okay, he can really throw it.' Then, you see him run a little bit. He can run. I've heard stories about him on a basketball court and I'm sure he can play soccer if he wanted to as well. He's a great athlete and a great weapon for us to have."

(On if he ever kicked or punted)


(On what happened between G Rodger Saffold and him on Sunday)

"Yeah, it's just part of the game. There was emotions flying and I went over to calm him down. It's not a big deal. Stuff like that happens all the time and it just happened to get caught by the camera. Nothing came of it. I know he apologized. He didn't have to. I know it was just part of the game."

(On if there's something to be gained from playing Seattle twice in a short span)

"Yes and no. I think when we played them last game they did some stuff that they hadn't really shown on film much. So, this game may be the same, may be different. We don't know yet. We'll go off of what we've seen so far, but they could very well mix it up like they did last time. We'll have to see on Sunday."

(On if it's better to play a division rival after coming off a loss)

"I think every game is the same. Getting through that loss and then moving on, happened pretty quickly. So, I don't think we're still dwelling on that by any means. It's a big division game for us. Every division game is important, but no different than any other game. We're going to come in and approach it the same way and try to put our best foot forward the whole week and get ready for Sunday."

(On why he thinks WR Robert Woods has been effective on third down)

"He's a great player. He's a really, really great player. I'm very fortunate to have him. On third down, we do a lot of different things to get guys open and it just so happens, he's been catching a lot of those balls and becoming a product of a lot of those plays. He does such a great job in feel and understanding the game, understanding the coverages. He's so, so, so damn smart and can do so much with the football and without the football. It's a very good weapon for me to have and someone, like I said, I'm very thankful to have on my side."

(On if it's exciting to be able to play at home again)

"Yeah, it'll be great to get back and see all those fans again. Hopeful they come out and get loud for us and it'll be fun. Last game, we had quite a few (Green Bay) Packers fans there and it'll be nice to, hopefully, get away from that and have a stadium full of Rams fans."

(On how he was able to avoid getting too far ahead of himself as he tried to come back against the Saints)

"Yeah, I think getting the field goal right before the half was huge. Then, the touchdown right after that was big as well to keep us kind of in the game and mentally still knowing that we're grinding away. But, I think it's just a testament to our team and our coaches and just the type of culture we've instilled. It's really one play at a time, we're never out of it, we know what our offense can do, we know what our defense can do and we're confident in everyone. That never fades."

(On handling the ball every play and having to deliver passes and if that’s something that he's always been able to do or if that's something he has developed since being in the NFL)

"Yeah, I think I've always been able to do it, but it's always different at different levels. I think in the NFL, you have to understand how many drives you're going to have. In the second half, you're probably going to get the ball quite a bit and have a chance to really put some points on the board. So, don't press too hard. It's similar at every level, but can be different at times where, I had faith in the defense that they're going to get us the ball back and we just had to go out and score. So, really, honestly, just like I said, one play at a time."