Gurley: "The last week has been really good for me"

Todd Gurley talks to the media about returning to practice, his eagerness to get back on the field and more.

(On how his knee is feeling)

"It's good. Got on the field today, so it felt good being out there getting some reps, trying to get full-speed and just work on accelerating and decelerating."

(On if it's going to be a process on how much stress he puts on his knee before the game)

"Yeah, I'll communicate with (Head) Coach (Sean McVay) and then communicate with (Senior Director, Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie (Scott). We'll see. Got on the ground for the first time since the (Philadelphia) Eagles game. Well, other than the (Arizona) Cardinals game. But, just communicating, see how I wake up and feel tomorrow. But, everything went pretty good today, so just super excited about that, honestly."

(On if his knee feels good now)

"Yeah, yeah, thank God. Just got to keep it going."

(On if he can describe his knee and if he wakes up some mornings and it still doesn't feel right)

"It's been a process like over the couple weeks. But, like the last week has been really good for me. Just me and (Director, Rehabilitation/Assistant Athletic Trainer) Byron (Cunningham) have been attacking the rehab and it's just been getting better. Like I said, it's just all about me communicating and them having a plan and then we just kind of figure it out from there. But, everything's been going pretty good right now, so hopefully, we can keep it that way."

(On facing Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott)

"Oh yeah. Great, great game. Obviously, two top running backs. But, it's not really about us. (It’s) just a team game. Obviously, we've got to hype it up (Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott) 'Zeke' versus (RB Todd) Gurley (II). It'll be a good game. He's a great back. I guess, I'm not too bad myself."

(On if he knew Elliott personally)

"Yeah. I mean we're not like best friends."

(On how he knows Elliott)

"Play the same position, playing in the NFL, top running backs. You know, we all do the same stuff – everybody goes to the Super Bowl, everybody goes to All-Star weekend. We all do the same stuff in the league. So, that's kind of how you communicate with people. Real people link up, so I'll just leave it at that."

(On what he admires about the way Elliott runs the ball)

"He's a great running back. He's won the rushing title two out of the last three years. He's a big back, like myself. Basically, fast, strong, catches the ball, teams rely on him a lot. He goes out there and proves it every week. He gets it done. That's what makes him one of the top backs in this league – the stuff that he's been able to do since he's entered the league."

(On watching film of them after the Cowboys defeated the Seattle Seahawks and if he saw anything that he could take advantage of)

"It's the way this league goes. It's different. Teams give up 200 yards one game and the next game, hold a guy to 30 yards. But, (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron Kromer) 'Krom,' Coach McVay got a great gameplan. Got the five best linemen in the world, so I have confidence in them and myself. We're just going to go out there and give it our all."

(On if he's eager to have the media stop asking questions about his knee)

"Nah, that's what y'all going to ask about. I haven't been on the field in the last two weeks. So, it's like 'Why is Todd not on the field? It's his knee, so we want to know how his knee is doing and get an update.’ Then, I don't have to keep getting tweets and Instagrams all day, they could just watch this video, see how my knee is doing. They're either going to believe it or think I'm lying. It's cool. It's cool. I'm really just eager to get back on the field and then just see how it responds. Then, hopefully we have some new questions next week and not about the knee."

(On T Andrew Whitworth remarking how fresh he looked at practice today and if the time off can work in his favor as the team gets ready for a playoff run late in the season)

"That's the plan. They was just hyping me up today because – like I was trying to focus on hitting full speed and trying to finish my runs. They was just being some nice, good teammates and trying to hype me up. We've been doing stuff with Reggie (Scott) and (Director of Strength Training and Performance) Ted (Rath). I think I'll be pretty fine. Like I said, we've got (RB) C.J. (Anderson), (RB) 'J.K.' (John Kelly) and (RB) 'J.D.' (Justin Davis). Whenever I'm not able to go in there, those guys can go in there and do the exact same thing I'm doing. There's really no stress there."

(On the Cowboys' large national fan base and if he has any personal history regarding Dallas)

"No, not really. Basically, everybody I know hates the Cowboys. They've just been hitting me up all week. So, I've got to try to take care of business for those guys, but no personal history. Everyone in the world knows that's 'America's Team.' It's a primetime game, playoffs. So, what better game that you'd want? Playoff game in L.A. versus ‘America's Team.’ Definitely looking forward to it. It's going to be a great matchup."

(On if last year's playoff experience is going to help him this time around)

"I hope so. Just seeing how the team has been reacting this week. I don't really even remember last year, like how we did that week. You can just tell everyone's just doing their job, got an urgency. We know it's do or die. We either keep going and playing for the next week or have three more days left, then you guys won't get to ask me no more questions. I don't know. We're just super excited. Ready to get this thing going. Playoff game in L.A. (on) Saturday night. Just looking forward to it."

(On if he feels that running backs are held to a similar standard in terms of being judged by playoff success)

"Nah, nah, nah, nah. Quarterback is a different story. They get paid the big bucks to get criticized. So, we're not going to put the blame on the running backs (laughs)."