Gurley on facing Bears defense, how Kelly + Davis will step in

Todd Gurley Thursday Press Conference

(On what RB Malcolm Brown has meant to him as a teammate and as his backup running back)

"Just losing a guy like him, big piece for us – definitely on special teams. I know I can come out comfortably in a game and he's going to go in there and do the same production. Definitely miss having him around during the lifts. He was my lifting partner, so now I've got to lift by myself. He left me hanging for a couple weeks."

(On how much of a friendship he and Brown have built since they entered the league)

"We came in together, so we've got a pretty good relationship. We hang out other than just being at the facility. Yeah, (RB Malcolm Brown) 'Malc' is my boy. He's really going to be my boy when he's giving me some money when Georgia whoops them (Texas) in the (Sugar) Bowl game. But no, I'm super, super excited about that – our teams get to play each other and I get to talk some trash after we win."

(On if he has worked on ball security)

"I try not to even think about it, man. Honestly, that's part of the game, it's part of the game. Guys get paid just like I do, but that's one thing (Head) Coach (Sean McVay) preaches about is the ball. If you can't take care of the ball, then nine times out of ten you're probably going to end up – whoever wins the turnover battle is going to win the game. That's just – when you lose the ball, that's like the worst feeling ever, because you know everybody is talking about you, even your teammates. So, that's the last thing you want to do."

(On how he and Brown work on ball security right before kickoff)

"Yeah, my man – what's his name? ‘Silk.’ Yeah, 'Silky' in St. Louis. Ever since St. Louis he used to get us right before the game and we just go through stripping the ball. So, we've just been doing it ever since we got in the league."

(On what he's seen from the Bears defense on film this season)

"They're a great defense. Obviously, they have arguably the second-best player (Bears LB Khalil Mack) in the NFL besides (Rams DT) Aaron Donald. (Bears DB) Kyle Fuller, he's great. I think he has six picks. (Bears DT) Akiem Hicks, (Bears LB Danny) Trevathan, (Bears LB) Roquan (Smith) and then they've got a guy in (Bears S Eddie) Jackson back there at safety who, if you don't look him off, he can definitely pick the ball off. Ever since college he's been taking stuff back to the house. He had one, I think it was last week or if not, against the (Detroit) Lions. They've got a great defense. They've been playing pretty good ball. They've got a great defensive coordinator and obviously they've got (No.) 52. So, when they've got him back there, they're always going to have a chance."

(On if he cares about playing in the cold)

"Nah, I don't really like the cold. We got a little taste of how it's going to be. Obviously, it was pretty cold out here today. I'm expecting it to probably be like this, but like 15, 20 degrees colder. It shouldn't be too bad. I hope not, anyway."

(On how he has seen RB Justin Davis and RB John Kelly develop since they've been around)

"Obviously, it's pretty tough because you're doing everything during OTAs and you’re doing stuff in camp and then it's like, if you're not a guy on the active roster, you're not really getting many reps at all. But, I feel like we do a great job, coach does a great job of installing stuff every week. If those guys have any questions, they know they can come to me or (C John Sullivan) 'Sully', whether it's protection or track. Can't really do too much to tell those guys how to run, those guys know how to run, just the main thing is really just pass protection and making sure that everybody's on the same page. But, I feel like those guys will be, they'll be fine when they get in the game. They're definitely going to play because I'm pretty sure I'll get tired a play or two."

(On if he feels like without Brown changes his mindset about staying on the field and when he needs to take a break)

"Oh yeah, for sure. Little stuff like that factors in. You'd rather be on the field, but if I'm not – not 100 percent – but, if I'm in there dead tired, why not put another guy in that's going to give 100 percent effort other than me just half-assing the play."

(On if he feels the same way as last year about the NFL rushing title not meaning a lot to him)

"Yeah, I was lying. I really did care about the title. I couldn't say nothing (laughs). No one really plays for regular goals, but that'll be a pretty cool thing to get. I tell people that all the time. It's like, you play for team goals, but who wouldn't want to be the NFL sack leader? Who wouldn't want to be the NFL passing or rushing leader? It's hard to get it. Definitely wanted to get it last year, but whatever. We didn't play in the last game. I'm just going to focus on these next couple of games and whatever happens, happens. I'm just happy that we were able to clinch a playoff spot and just go from there."

(On if he's hoping to play in the last four games of the regular season)

"Man, I don't make those decisions. We're just going to worry about this game and try to get this first-round bye and then figure it out from there."

(On how he knows WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler Ric Flair)

"Well, his daughter actually runs track at Georgia. Obviously, he lives in Georgia and I played at Georgia. Kind of just that connection. Then my close buddy, Kam, works for him. So, that's kind of how I met (WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler) Ric (Flair). Good guy, man. He's real cool. He sends me good luck texts like the last two years. So, that's my guy."

(On if he saw Flair on the sideline)

"I didn't even get a chance to see him. I didn't even get a chance to see him, but I knew he was there. Yeah, it's always good when a legendary guy like that comes out and supports you and just to be cheering us on."