Goff: "Winning is the most important stat"

Jared Goff talks to the media about heading into the Divisional Round matchup against the Cowboys.

(On how he feels coming off of the bye week and into the playoffs)

"I feel great. I feel rested. I think we all feel real good and rested. It's good to get that bye week. After going through and experiencing it, you realize what kind of advantage you can have if you use it correctly. I feel like we did."

(On what RB Todd Gurley II has brought to the offense throughout the season)

"Where do you start? He's obviously electric with the ball in his hands and can do so many things on the ground, through the air, everything in between. Then, his protection ability and how smart he is, his ability to be a good teammate, his ability to be a leader is all part of who he is."

(On how important it is to him to have Gurley playing on Saturday)

"It's always important. You always want to get your best players on the field and he's definitely one of ours. One of the best backs in the league, in my opinion. Any time you can get a guy like that out there is always helpful and we hope to have him out there."

(On how they prepare for the Cowboys blitzing on defense)

"Just like we would any other week – just watch the film and get ready, have our protection plan in and just be ready for everything they do. I know their pass rush has been really good this year and has done some good things. So, just do what we normally do throughout the week and get ready."

(On if he was able to see some things in the Cowboys run defense that they could exploit)

"We're early on in prep. They've done a lot of good things this whole year. But yeah, we've got a good plan starting up now and have some good stuff in the run game and plan to have it work. You always hope to have it work. I think (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) and (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron) Kromer have done a good job so far putting that plan in for us in the run game. We feel good about it."

(On if he feels that quarterbacks who have come before him are measured by how they perform in the postseason)

"Yeah, definitely. You're always going to be what your record is, especially as a quarterback. You win games – or I guess winning percentage. Winning is the most important stat and that's no different in the playoffs. Even a little bit more so in the playoffs, I think. That's definitely something that you want to do and you want to win."

(On the biggest differences from last season's Cowboys team compared to this season)

"I think, again, you could start with the pass rush. I know they had (Cowboys DE) DeMarcus Lawrence last year as well, but he's playing at a really high level again this year. They've added a few pieces there that have played at a high level with him and they've done some good things up front to do that. Then, I think the linebackers are extremely athletic. (Cowboys LB) Sean Lee is a great player, but (Cowboys LB Leighton) Vander Esch stepping in for him and (Cowboys LB) Jaylon (Smith) are both so athletic and they do such great things. Then, I think (Cowboys CB) Byron Jones moving to corner, having the year he's had has been huge for them. Their secondary is good as well at the other positions. But, they've made some good adjustments. I think in these last seven, eight games, they've really found themselves defensively and have played well."

(On if WR Josh Reynolds is a top target for him right now)

"Me and (WR) Josh (Reynolds) have grown together well. He's done a good job stepping in for (WR) Cooper (Kupp). Feel comfortable with him, as well as (WR) Robert (Woods) and (WR) Brandin (Cooks) and we've done some good things, especially last game getting him two touchdowns. Yeah, I feel good with all of them."

(On how he thinks the pass game has evolved since Kupp went down to injury)

"It's definitely evolved, yeah. Like you said, using two tight ends in some situations, finding some stuff that Josh is good at. I think that's what makes Sean so great is he doesn't force players into a box, but rather finds out what they're good at and finds a way to make it work. We've found out what (TE) Gerald (Everett) and (TE) Tyler (Higbee) and Josh are good at and used it in certain ways to make it work."

(On if there was anything specifically he wanted to work on improving during the bye week)

"Nothing specifically. Just continuing to sharpen up on everything – footwork, pocket mechanics, being strong in the pocket, going through the reads, everything. We had some good practices that we were able to get that done."

(On if he was nervous before last year's playoff game and how he's different going into this playoff game)

"I wasn't. I was more excited and sure, you have butterflies early on, but I wouldn't say I was nervous. I was excited and I feel the same way this year. Definitely excited to get out there, especially after having a week off, watching those games, you kind of get that feeling going again. It feels like it's been forever since we've played. We're excited to go."

(On if he feels like a different quarterback in some ways a year later)

"More confident. Yeah, more confident, more comfortable. I think just continuing to grow, mature and definitely feel good."

(On what he expects from the atmosphere of the Coliseum on Saturday night)

"I expect it to be fun – fun and electric. Similar to what last year's playoff game was and even similar to what the Kansas City (Chiefs) game was and that playoff-type atmosphere. Even the (Philadelphia) Eagles game – that playoff-type, good team atmosphere. It'll be fun."

(On if the Rams plan to practice anything in case if it gets noisy when he has the ball with the Dallas Cowboys fans there)


(On if he knows QB Dak Prescott and what his relationship has been like with him)

"Yeah, I know (Cowboys QB) Dak (Prescott) fairly well. We met at the Manning Camp several years ago while we were in college and had stayed in touch through that and through the Draft. Saw him last offseason actually, training down in Orange County. Think the world of him. I think he's a great player. I think he's a great leader and has done such tremendous things there."

(On his teammates saying he's even-keeled and if that's always been the case for him with every sport)

"I think it's always been the case in every sport, really. In football, it came the easiest. At this position, it's natural to try to be that way. I may seem that way sometimes externally, it's not always the case internally. But, you try to portray that externally and most of the time, I do feel that way. Just try to stay that steady, constant personality and person that can be there in any situation."

(On if there's something outside of football that's particularly hard to stay even-keeled)

"Golf. I'm a huge headcase on the golf course. As crazy as that is – people talk about even-keeledness and on the golf course, I can get in my own head pretty easily and people can tell."

(On him wearing No. 16 because of QB Joe Montana and if he admired his playoff prowess)

"I wasn't really old enough to watch him play. When I was choosing the jersey No., my dad was like, 'Choose (No.) 16, that's (Former QB) Joe Montana,' and I was like, 'Oh, I should probably learn who that is.' As time went on, learned about what he did so well and all the championships and playoff wins and big moments and all that that you learn to admire. But, I don't remember actually witnessing any of that."

(On if measuring a quarterback by playoff prowess had an influence on how he felt about playing quarterback when he was younger)

"Of course. Guys that win in the playoffs and win late in the playoffs and do good things in December and January, are usually the ones that are remembered."

(On if he noticed anything similar that Cowboys Passing Game Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach Kris Richard brought with him from the Seattle Seahawks)

"Yeah, no doubt. You definitely see a lot of that carry over and a lot of the same stuff that Seattle (Seahawks) and a lot of these teams like to do that have come from that system. You see it carry over pretty good."