Aaron Kromer talks about his confidence in Malcom Brown

Aaron Kromer talks to the media in preparation of week 10 against the Seahawks.

(On waiving OL Jamon Brown and if he has confidence in the two backup rookies C Brian Allen and T Joseph Noteboom)

"Yeah, very similar to the (OL) Austin Blythe situation last year. We have (C) John Sullivan and some of the elder statesmen on the line don't practice as often as the younger guys. So, what it's given us an opportunity to do is, get (C) Brian Allen and get (T) Joe Noteboom into multiple positions with the starting unit in practice throughout the week. That has allowed us to gain confidence in them in ability to sub in if they needed to."

(On RB Malcolm Brown's scoring play against the Saints and if it's exciting for people to see him perform at the level they talk about)

"Yeah, we have a lot of confidence in (RB) Malcolm Brown, as I said in the past. When we need him and when he goes in, he's been productive. That was very exciting to see him tiptoe that sideline the way he does and not one person in the building thought he couldn't do it when he was doing it. Obviously, it was an amazing play. I think it was the No. 1 play on NFL Network this week. He's a good football player, both in the run game and in passing situations. So, at any time we need him, we're sure glad we have him."

(On RB Todd Gurley II scoring in 12-consecutive games and if he expects that the Rams will try to continue his streak)

"We really focus more on the process than the result. So, we've had a lot of success in a lot of ways and I don't think there's a lot of people thinking about whether (RB) Todd Gurley (II) scores a touchdown or not. Just expect that with the process and as we go through it, whether it's rushing or passing, that he touches the ball enough that he'll have that opportunity. He usually does a great job when he does get the opportunity. So, I think it's really the process that's important to us and how we get to being a productive and efficient offense."

(On if the sack totals given up against the Packers and the Broncos we're something that they were doing schematically and something the Rams didn't see on film)

"The most important thing that we, as an O-line and as an offense and as a team, we think that it's more important that we keep the quarterback from getting hit than actually taking sacks. Sacks are a result of a lot of things – they could be from protection, they could be from not knowing who to protect, it might be not knowing who to protect, it might be a technique, it might be someone's covered. There's a lot of things that resolve in a sack, a lot of reasons. We don't have a lot of concern as an offensive line on sacks, we're just trying to keep him clean. So, there were some situations in those games that he did go down more often than not and more often than the other games that we've had. It's unfortunate, but by no means do I think that that's a trend."

(On if there is any advantage at all to an offense or defense when a team plays another team twice within five weeks)

"A lot of times when you play a team, you know how it's going to feel when you're blocking a guy or how they're going to respond or react to certain things because you play them often and you play them in a short period of time. But other than that, it's still, whether you're playing your brother or the kid down the street in a one-on-one basketball game, you're going to compete, you're going to go out and do whatever you can to win and you're just fighting for that victory."

(On G Rodger Saffold III having an incident on the field with QB Jared Goff and later tweeting an apology and how he handled that with Saffold)

"I didn't see that per say on the field. At all times when you watch the Rams play, we're a controlled emotinal group. Once in a million times, something like that will happen and we'll get a little bit out of our minds and that happened to him. Right away, he snapped out of it on the sideline and was apologetic and realized that he could be better in that situation and he knows that. Within seconds after, he knew it. There's absolutely no problem anywhere on this offense. This is a great, intelligent, intellectual group that is tight knit."

(On if he has seen any differences in the vibe in the room and the way the guys are reacting coming back from a loss)

"Again, there's a lot of reasons why you're victorious or not in games. But, the process is what's important and that's what we live by. If there's anything, there's a little added work ethic this week. Although, it would be a small tick because these guys come to work every week. You never saw them slow down in the wins and you really don't see a whole lot of change in attitude with the situation we're in right now. So, mature group that follows the head coach’s lead."