Trey Flowers becoming a defensive leader

A boring practice on a rainy day

Even though Pats Players have the next two days off they will be working. Both LB Elandon Roberts and DE Trey Flowers said they will get treatment, lift and do some cardio work. No trips to Maine, no binge watching of Tom vs. Time episodes, or viewing the five America's Game Videos from the Pats five Super Bowl victories.

Flowers joked that one does not want to spend the day eating ice cream and watching television. The Pats have now had 9 practices in 10 days so Bill Belichick decided the team needed a rest.

Flowers, the Pats best defensive lineman on the team, is a quiet leader. Flowers is in the last year of his contract but is not thinking about his next deal. He is scheduled to make around $2 million this season. Flowers had to leave practice early in training camp because of a cut he received on his forehead. Flowers was able to laugh about it Saturday. He received three stitches - at least that is how many he remembers.

"I don't know what it was. It was just a bang bang play down at the goal line," Flowers said.

Flowers said he knows who was responsible for his cut, but did not care to elaborate other than to say: it's cool. Flowers had the same response when asked about whether he is excited about having the next two days off. Flowers said players were allowed to leave Foxboro, as long as your are back when you are supposed to be back (in this case Tuesday). If you are not back, one might not never be heard from again. Just ask running back Jonas Gray who set the Pats single game rushing record (199 yards - four touchdowns) in a Sunday Night win in 2014 over the Indianapolis Colts. The next week Gray's phone ran out of charge. He overslept. He missed Friday practice and has not been heard from since. Gray is currently out of football.

Flowers acknowledged that he will sleep later on his day off. But he must remember come Tuesday - it is critical to have multiple cell phones. If the alarm on one dies, the next one must surely ring.

Flowers, who has developed a sense of humor, has often lined up against 6 foot 8 380-pound Trent Brown in practice.

"He's big. You really can't go around hum and you definitely can't go through him, " Flowers said. "You just gotta find a way."

Flowers has had to make the transition from the right side of the defensive line to the left side of the defensive line this offseason. Flowers is still adjusting, but feels confident it will work out.

"You got to train your body to be able to make that transition and go from right to left,” Flowers said. “It’s one of those things, you go in and train about it. As long as it’s the best fit for the team as far as what they want and how they want and who they want out there, you just got to make the best of it.”

Bill Belichick loves the rain.

LB Elandon Roberts said he would be surprised if Belichick let players out of running up hills on the practice field at the end of practice because of the rain. Roberts said he like practicing if the rain because "if you play in it you might as well condition in it," Roberts said.

Julian Edelman will be fine

Edelman dropped some balls in practice Saturday. There is no need to worry. Edelman has admitted he is not in the best shape because he missed all of last season with an ACL tear. If he is still dropping passes when he finally plays two months from now - then fans can worry. Edelman's last real action was against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl in February 2017. His next real action will not come until October 2018. That is a 20- month layoff to get on the field. Coming back from an ACL tear is difficult. The Pats play their first preseason game against the Washington Redskins on Thursday August 9th. It will be interesting to see whether Edelman can adjust to game action again and hits to the knee.

Chris Hogan loves Randy Moss

Hogan noted with Moss going into the Hall of Fame Saturday that Moss was the king of the deep ball. While every receiver wants to be Moss, Hogan acknowledged the obvious: no one understands the vertical passing game like Moss did. Belichick called him the smartest receiver he ever coached.

Belichick and Robert Kraft surprised Randy Moss at his hall of fame induction ceremony. Both were at Pats practice Saturday. Surely, they flew private out of Hanscom Airforce Base in Bedford, Mass. As Mel Brooks - once said it is good to be the the king. No checked luggage, no security and no screaming babies in the back. A nice smooth ride with plenty of leg room.

Belichick, not surprisingly given his love for shoes, wore flip flops.

The uninteresting practice report.

Eric Decker attended his first practice wearing No. 81

With 90 players on the roster, the press must do an attendance report each day. There are two practice fields and then there is a lower field - called the rehab field. Sometimes the same number has been given to two players. Rookie RB Sony Michel is wearing No. 51 when running backs typically wear numbers in the 20s. Third string QB Danny Etling is wearing No. 58 when quarterbacks typically wear numbers between 1 and 12. The situation is a mess. Michel who has a knee injury was not at practice Wednesday. The injury is considered minor, but he could miss some time in the preseason. Ask Belichick and he will say that Michel is day-to-day as all of us are.

The Pats worked out WR Brenton Bersin per source

OL Marcus Cannon, G Jason King, and LB Marquis Flowers were not spotted at practice. Working on the lower field were S Nate Ebner, CB Jonathan Jones and CB Cyrus Jones. WR Kenny Britt and Trey Flowers spent time on both fields. If you have a popsicle headache, it is understandable. The roster has two players who have the last name Flowers (no relation), twin McCourty brothers, and three Belichick's on the staff (Bill, his sons Steve (safeties coach) and Brian). There are no Cohens.

The Pats next practice is Tuesday.