Tom Brady Recalls His First Win in Miami

Pats Beat the Dolphins On Their Way to Second Super Bowl Title

Foxboro - It might be the most forgotten game of the Pats dynasty. In October 2003, the Pats were 4-2 and had yet to win in Miami in the Brady-Belichick era. The Dolphins had defeated the Pats handily the three previous seasons in Miami. The Marlins and the Dolphins still shared a stadium at that point. Even though it was October, the infield dirt was still in place because the Marlins were in the playoffs. The game was ugly - a defensive affair that can hardly be seen in the NFL anymore. The scored was tied 13-13 heading into overtime and the Pats needed a play to win. That was when Tom Brady found Troy Brown on a long pass who ran the rest of the way for a touchdown. Bill Belichick threw his headset in the air and celebrated as if the Pats won the Super Bowl.

"Yeah, that was pretty sweet. It was a great game, great win. Troy was not the intended receiver on the play – it was kind of a toss play. I was supposed to throw it to the backside slant, but I remember the coverage kind of rotated that way and Troy was running a slant on the other side and just kept running and I saw him and just chucked it up there, he caught it and we celebrated. It was just a great celebration. I remember the bus ride leaving was pretty cool. We were flipping people off and it was out of control. We hadn’t won there in so long, you thought we won five Super Bowls in a row. It was pretty fun," Brady said Friday.

Brady recalled the happiness of Coach Bill Belichick who acted as though he had just won a Super Bowl.

"Yeah, we all were. That was a pretty special day. There was a long history of us playing a lot of bad football games down there and that kind of broke that a little bit, not that it’s been stellar, but at least that one got us out of the basement," Brady said.

The Pats improved to 5-2 and never lost another game the rest of the way as they captured their second Super Bowl title.

Trey Flowers Remains Focused Even With A Second Daughter.

Flowers, 25, has a lot going on in his life. He is playing for a big contract in the offseason and just had his second daughter.

"It's just life - you gotta deal with what comes your way. It is a blessing to have these daughters," Flowers said.

Flowers said he is not focused on anything but his assignment on Sunday. Of course, Flowers admits that it would be nice to win and clinch the AFC East.

"That would mean we are one step closer to where we want to get to," Flowers said. "We are not focused on how many times we lost. We are focused on getting this win."

Flowers knows that when the secondary plays as well as it did in last week's win against the Minnesota Vikings it makes his job easier.

"Anytime you can have all 11 guys on the same page playing at the highest level that is always good for a defense. Just to have guys on the back end and the linebackers all making plays that is the key to a good defense," Flowers said.

Flowers, though, isn't concerned about matching the pass rush of the Dolphins with Cameron Wake and Robert Quinn.

"We just out there playing," Flowers said. "We do what we do."

Notes: All-star Dolphins CB Xavien Howard is out for Sunday's game. That is a big break for the Pats. Stephon Gilmore (ankle) was a late addition to the injury report and he is questionable for Sunday's game. Rob Gronkowski, who has only two touchdown catches this year, admits he could be more of a force in the passing and running game. Gronkowski said he doesn't take the opportunity to participate in a playoff run for granted. Miami Dolphins WR Danny Amendola (knee) is questionable for Sunday's game.