Thursday Notebook - Patriots Impressed with the Los Angeles Rams Offensive Line

Trey Flowers said Los Angeles Rams Have A Cohesive Group


The Los Angeles Rams have not had a starting offensive lineman miss a snap this season. The Rams play well together as an offensive line.

"Well, I’d say just overall they, collectively as a group, because everything is so integrated with them, again, you can’t make yards with one guy blocking. You need them all to block. You need them all to – you need the backs to read the blocks properly. You need the line to sell the play-action to create the opportunities in the play-action game. I’d just say overall they execute extremely well as a unit on a very, very consistent basis."

"They do a lot of things to give the defense problems – misdirection and complementary plays so they all kind of look the same but it could be one of two or three things. I’d just say the overall level of execution. They have a good offensive line. They’ve been together. They don’t make many mistakes, but nobody makes many mistakes on those offense. Again, they execute extremely well and that’s a credit to the players and certainly the coaching staff," Bill Belichick said.

The Rams do a lot of outside runs to Todd Gurley. The Pats will have to be good at containing the edge.

"They have had a lot of snaps together and they do what they do well," Trey Flowers said. "It is going to be a tough task for us."

Patrick Chung Said Team Must Cherish These Moments

​Chung joked that he didn't like being reminded that he was 31. Chung said the team must appreciate these Super Bowl moments because they might never come again.

"There are a lot of players that have never gotten to this game, " Chung said.

Chung, who often covers the opposing tight end, said Rob Gronkowski has been a huge influence on his career. The two have often competed against each other in practice.

"He has made me the player I am," Chung said. "I love my teammates. You win like a family. You lose like a family. You play like a teammate. You don't take cheap shots at somebody. We don't take cheap shots, but if you do we remember. If you got a brother or sister you go fight for them. If not you guys suck."

Rob Gronkowski Is Playing In His Fourth Super Bowl

Gronkowski could not have expected such success when he entered the league.

"It’s just surreal, just being part of the organization here and just coming into – it was already established and just keep on grinding, keep on helping them out, keep on helping this organization out and getting wins. Coming out and doing the best football I can do every time I step out on the field. It’s just unbelievable to be part of it and to keep the journey going," Gronkowski said.

The ninth-year tight end still loves playing with Tom Brady.

"It’s a lot of fun. The guy is just so precise with everything. Just the way he is out on the field, the way he prepares, the way he goes into these games. You know every single time you’re going to get the best out of him no matter what the situations are and that’s what’s so great about playing with him. It makes football the best it can possibly be because you know you’ve got a guy that knows basically every situation and he’s going to put us in the best situations every single time he steps out on the field to put us with a chance to win, every game we play," Gronkowski said.

Notes: Pats had full participation in practice Thursday. They practiced inside, which is rare but somewhat expected as the Super Bowl will be played indoors. The Pats will practice at Georgia Tech next week.