Shaq Mason Receives Extension with $23.5 Million Guaranteed

Shaq Mason will be with the Pats for a long time

Foxborough, Mass --

Shaq Mason receives extension

G Shaq Mason has a problem. He just received a five-year $50 million contract extension with $23.5 million guaranteed. But he has three daughters so he might run out of money when asked if he plans to get his teammates any gifts. Don't expect Mason to be buying his teammates dinner, a new car or any other fancy toys. Mason said he didn't put too much thought into the contract extension and just focused on being a top-notch offensive lineman. Mason, whose contract was up at the end of the year, has never been on the open market and was relieved to have an extension that likely guarantees he will be in New England for the next three years. Mason hadn't yet checked his telephone during the interview, but expected a lot of congratulatory text messages. Other teammates walked by saying he owed them $20.

"I am really really happy for him. Great player and even better teammate. Nothing but good things to say about the guy," said fellow OL Joe Thuney.

As for Mason picking up the next dinner tab.

"That might come up in the next dinner conversation," Thuney said.

Is Trey Flowers contract extension next?

The Pats drafted Mason and Trey Flowers in the fourth round of the 2015 draft. Flowers, whose contract is up at the end of the year, said he is avoiding thoughts about a possible extension.

"I have been out practicing - working on my craft," Flowers said. "That's been the only progress. Whatever he (Mason) eat don't affect me. He don't owe me nothing. He put in all the work and he got rewarded. I am happy for him."

Flowers, like DE Adrian Clayborn, is reserved on a defensive lineman of characters like Adam Butler and Deatrich Wise who love the animation show Dragon Ball Z. Asked if he is a fan of the show.

"Maybe when I was younger," Flowers said.

Flowers often lines up against Mason in practice.

"You have to get low because he is going to get pretty low. He has great, feet, a lot of strength so he is able to generate a lot of power/force so you gotta keep your pads down," Flowers said. "Shaq is definitely fun to go against in practice, definitely a competitive player. When you practice against a player like Shaq you have no choice but to get better. We have gotten a lot of reps against each other, then come in here and talk noise. That is the brotherhood we have built.

Flowers has attempted to learn from many Pats defensive players of the past including Chandler Jones, Richard Seymour, Rob Ninkovich, Vince Wilfork, Willie McGinest, and Mike Vrabel. Flowers likes to study their technique. Flower has missed a lot of practice time in training camp - spending time on the lower field rehabbing with other injured players.

"If I am behind. I have to catch up. I don't see competition outside of myself. I just to work on myself and get myself better," Flowers said.

The fourth-year defensive lineman likes being a mentor to the younger players.

"The best way to teach yourself is to teach others," Flowers said. "It's a lot clearer if you are able to think about it and explain it so someone else."

Flowers is prepared for the regular season. It's what motives him through the long days of training camp.

"You got to be ready to be go. That is what training camp is for. You prepare your body for - you go through all these long days and meetings

Notes: RB Sony Michel and OL Marcus Cannon returned to practice Monday. Isaiah Wynn (out for the season), Harvey Langi, Ryan Izzo and Luke Bowanko were absent from practice. The Pats signed RB Kenneth Farrow, K.J. Maye and Khalfani Muhammad. - likely just for the purpose of having bodies for Thursday's night final preseason game against the New York Giants in New Jersey. Former Pats T Matt Light was at Gillette Stadium Monday on behalf of a charity. Bill Belichick was asked about the passing of Senator John McCain - saying the news was really sad, but the two did not have a personal relationship. Belichick's father, Steve, coached at the Naval Academy for a long time and John McCain attended the Naval Academy.