Pats Notebook after 25-6 Win Over Buffalo

Teammates Are Happy For Devin McCourty

Buffalo --

Devin McCourty Has Interception For a Touchdown.

Devin McCourty didn't have an interception all season prior to Monday Night. Then with the Pats leading 18-6 in the fourth quarter and the Bills driving - McCourty changed all that. McCourty jumped the route with Bills QB Derek Anderson trying to throw the ball to tight end Charles Clay - intercepted the pass and returned it 84-yards for a touchdown. McCourty knew that Anderson liked to throw to Clay and he baited him into making into the throw. McCourty was clocked running at 22.05 miles per hour - the fastest any player had run with the ball in their hands this year.

"I am 31 - I hope I can hold onto that speed a little longer," McCourty said.

Some had thought McCourty lost a step this season. McCourty joked afterwards that maybe he gained a step back. Jason McCourty, his twin brother, made sure to run all the way down the field to congratulate his brother. The two rarely if ever praise each other. Jason might have run down the field just to show that he was faster than Devin. Devin joked that he will have to talk with strength and conditioning coach Moses Cabrera Tuesday about who is faster.

"The biggest praise he could give me was him sprinting down and knowing I was going to ask him to take my spot on kickoffs," Devin McCourty said. "You got to appreciate it all from a guy who will run down the field to come celebrate with you and then take your spot on the kickoff team."

Patriots Adjust to Bills Formations

Given the Bills offensive struggles, the Pats were not surprised that the Bill tried some Wildcat with LeSean McCoy and some gadget plays early in the game. The Pats, though, shut down McCoy in the running game. On the Bills first offensive play, McCoy ran for 12 yards. Ths rest of the night he had 11 carries for one yard.

"We were prepared not for exactly what they were doing. But we knew we could get some different looks. (Brian) Daboll (the Bills offensive coordinator) was here. They did a really good job coming out with Wildcat and different personnel group. I thought we did a good job of relaxing and staying calm getting through the early part of the game and then being ready (for the Wildcat) the rest of the game," Devin McCourty said.

Added Bill Belichick - "LeSean McCoy is great back - great player so it's no surprise that he was featured on some things which helps with a player with his skill. The Wildcat is a little different look. They had a good plan on the first play. We did a better job once it shifted into the second half. I thought that the flee flicker or double pass was a big play. Had that gone differently, than they would have scored early in the game, so that's a big play. "

Random Thoughts: Dont'a Hightower was inactive Monday Night along with Sony Michel, Jacob Hollister, Eric Rowe, Geneo Grissom, Brian Schwenke and Marcus Cannon. Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, 35, had two sacks. For the second straight week, LaAdrian Waddle started at right tackle. Adrian Clayborn had a sack in garbage time. Belichick congratulated the Red Sox on their World Series victory at his press conference. Bill Belichick wore a patriotic tie in his post game press conference - a more popular tie than he had on last week. Asked which tie he liked better, Belichick said whatever tie his significant other Linda selects he wears. A smart man.