Monday/Tuesday Observations

Big Game for Pats Sunday Against the Miami Dolphins

Detroit Michigan --

Bill Belichick echoed similar sentiments Monday as he did Sunday Night after the game.

"I feel pretty sure that everybody that participated in the game – player or coach – feels like they could've done a better job. I certainly feel that way. I know every member of the coaching staff feels that way. I talked to quite a few of the players after the game and they all feel that way, too. We just have to go back to work and find a way to all do a better job than that," Belichick said.

As for whether there is a lack of energy on defense.

**"**No, I think the effort and the energy are good. We're just not having a lot of success in any area and I think as soon as we start having some you'll see a difference, but it's hard to have it when you're not making enough plays. We're not making enough plays in any phase of the game, so we've just got to perform better. I think the energy and the effort and all of that – we're trying. Everybody's trying hard. We're just not getting it done, which is all that matters," Belichick said.

As for the decision to make Josh Gordon inactive, Bill Belichick was non-responsive.

"Yeah, I don't know. We'll just take it day-by-day and see how it goes. There are a number of factors involved here. When he feels like he's ready and we feel like he's ready and there's sufficient opportunity to back that up then we'll see about making him active. We just didn't feel like we were at that point last night," Belichick said.

Player Notes

* Rob Gronkowski has only six catches combined the past two weeks because teams know that until Julian Edelman returns in Week 5 - Gronkowski is the only pass catcher teams must worry about.

* The Pats must find a way to get James White more involved. White had a touchdown catch Sunday Night and he is tough to cover out of the backfield. Brady acknowledged this reality after the game in response to a a question from yours truly. "He had a great catch and some good runs at the end. He's just a great player. for right Your right. He has got to be involved and guys that can make plays should be involved," Brady said.

* Tom Brady deserves little blame (despite what some have written) for his interception in the second half. The Pats were down 23-10 at the time (midway through the fourth quarter) and the Pats needed to make a play. Brady tried to hit Phillip Dorsett on a long pass, who had no catches Sunday Night, and it looked like Dorsett was lost as to what route he was supposed to run.

* It would not be surprising if the Pats release/trade Cordarrelle Patterson when Julian Edelman returns. Patterson had only one catch for 12 yards Sunday Night and is gadget player (with little route running ability) that the Pats are having a difficult time integrating into the offense.

* CB Stephon Gilmore did not have his best night as he gave up two touchdowns - the first to Kenny Golladay and the second to Marvin Jones. Duron Harmon acknowledged after the game that he was supposed to help over the top on the second touchdown. The Pats simply could not cover Golladay.

* Dont'a Hightower - the 2018 season is upon us - time to make some plays.

* Nice interception by LB Ja'Whaun Bentley who already looks better than Kyle Van Noy and Elandon Roberts.

* Long lost Adrian Clayborn caused the Lions to commit a holding penalty - at least he contributed something.

* The Pats have had rough starts before. In 2001, the Pats started 1-3 and won the Super Bowl. It helped that Drew Bledsoe's replacement was Tom Brady the greatest QB of all time. In 2003, the Pats started 2-2 and won the Super Bowl including a 31-0 opening day loss to the Buffalo Bills after the Pats cut Lawyer Milloy. In 2005, the Pats started 2-2 and lost in the Divisional Round to the Denver Broncos in Denver where Brady is 0-3 in the playoffs. In 2012, the Pats started 1-2 and lost in the AFC Championship Game to the Baltimore Ravens. In 2014, the Pats started 2-2 including a 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in which some thought the Pats dynasty died at Arrowhead in Kansas City. That night, a reporter asked Bill Belichick if the quarterback position would be evaluated this week. Bill Belichick had one of the best facial expressions in some time time when without saying anything he answered No. The Pats went on to beat Seattle in the Super Bowl when Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson in the end zone. In 2017, the Pats started 2-2 including a bad opening night loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. The bottom line it is too early to panic, unless the Pats lose to the Miami Dolphins Sunday. They would be three games behind first place with a game still to be played in Miami.