Monday Notes After Pats Trade for WR Josh Gordon

Pats released 10 receivers since training camp started. Josh Gordon must show he can earn Tom Brady's trust.

Jacksonville Florida --

Bill Belichick was asked on Monday if he had second thoughts about not going for it on fourth and one from their own 18 in the fourth quarter down 24-13 at the time. Belichick likely thought that the Pats would have at least two more possessions. If the Pats failed to make the conversion the Jaguars would have been in field goal range without gaining a yard and needed just 18 yards for a touchdown. The Pats punted and Blake Bortles connected with WR Dede Westbrook for a 61-yard touchdown on Jacksonville's first play after the punt to make it 31- 13.

"Yeah, well, I mean, there was still, I dont know, eight minutes to go in the game or something like that. So, just felt like that was the right thing to do at that point. We got good field position, but then we lost it," Bill Belichick said.

As for whether special teamer Brandon King should have handled the punt better because the Jaguars jumped offside (which would have resulted in a first down for the Pats) but got back onside before the ball was snapped - Bill Belichick thought that King did the right thing.

"I mean, its just one of those things that its a close play and it just I dont know, I wouldnt fault anybody on this one. It could have worked out differently, but I think everybodys trying to do the right thing. I wouldnt second-guess anybody on this one," Belichick said.

Belichick, on his Monday conference call, was also asked about the acrobatic catch of Jaguars WR Keelan Cole over Pats CB Eric Rowe.

"Yeah, I mean, there are always things you can talk about on plays like that. I mean, it was a great catch," Belichick said.

One way to prevent such a catch is to force the receiver to the sideline."Yeah, well, thats part of it, no question. It depends on the play. I dont think on that one that was really that applicable, to be honest with you, but there is yeah, certainly sidelines part of the play, but depending on the relationship between the receiver, the defender, the ball and the sideline, it could be close to the sideline, [but it] doesnt necessarily mean that you can use it or that its the play to make. It could be, just would depend on how all those things line up," Belichick said.

Bill Belichick was not complimentary or dismissive of RB Sony Michel - the Pats first round pick who made his NFL debut Sunday.

"Id say just about like everybody else. We had some good things and then theres some things that we all need to work on. Were all in the same category," Belichick said.


* Josh Gordon, the newly acquired receiver from Cleveland (the Pats gave a fifth round pick to get Gordon), has only 19 catches since 2015. His best year was 2013 when he had 87 receptions for 1646 yards. His best game came that season came against the Pats when he had seven catches for 151 yards and one touchdown. Cleveland tired of his immaturity and his off-field issues. The Pats also released Corey Coleman Monday. This marks the 10th receiver the Pats have released

since training camp.

* Rob Gronkowski had only two catches for 15 yards against the Jaguars whose corners did a great job of covering him outside and the Jaguars athletic linebackers gave him limited space with which to work in the middle of the field.

* Cordarrelle Patterson once again proved that he is a gadget receiver as his contributions were minimal if non-existent. Don't be surprised if he is released when Julian Edelman returns in Week 5. Patterson has four receptions for 24 yards in two games. If he is kept around it is because of his ability to return kicks.

* Jason McCourty did an adequate job when he replaced Eric Rowe as No. 2 corner after it became clear that Rowe could not cover Jaguars WR Keelan Cole who finished with seven catches for 116 yards.

* S Patrick Chung and DE Trey Flowers both left Sunday's game with a concussion. No updates on either player. Neither were seen in the locker room after the game.