Kyle Van Noy Called Tom Brady an Idiot

Tom Brady Introduced Himself to Kyle Van Noy

FOXBORO - Kyle Van Noy once called Tom Brady an idiot. Yes, what you just read was not a typo or a misprint. Brady has a habit of introducing himself to every new player on the team. Even if you are a practice squad player, Brady will come up to the player and say hi. It is Brady's way of saying he is just another teammate - even if he makes more in one game than many of his teammates will make in a season.

When Van Noy was first traded to the Patriots from the Detroit Lions, he left Detroit late and didn't arrive until early in the morning. Before the team meeting that day, he went to the bathroom and that is where he first met No. 12

"I was washing my hands.He shakes my hand and says 'I am Tom Brady'," Van Noy said. "I am like your're an idiot - of course (I know who you are) and I kind told him 'I am Kyle Van Noy.''

Van Noy said attention to detail is what separates Brady from other players. Van Noy also said this year's defensive players really like each other.

"It is just a good group of men. We all like each other. We all have a good time. We are always messing with each other - making fun of each other. It is just a good group to play with and be around," Van Noy said.

Van Noy said it helped against the Chiefs that the teams were playing for the second time. While the Pats have not played the Los Angeles Rams this year, they will have two weeks to prepare.

"I think any time you have a chance to really dive in and figure out who you’re playing and get all the details, it’s always a bonus. I feel like we do a pretty good job – the coaches do a great job of getting us ready to go and we’re excited for what they have for us to do. We just want to execute it the best possible way," Van Noy said.

Van Noy felt humbled by last year's poor performance in the Super Bowl when the defense played poorly. He hopes the Pats can play better against the Rams this year than they did against the Philadelphia Eagles last year. Van Noy has developed a sense of humor - unafraid to tell random cousins "hell no" when they request Super Bowl tickets.

Many have doubted Van Noy in his career. Van Noy, however, is motivated to prove those who believed in him right.

"There’s a lot of people – our families, teammates – that believe in each other. We want to prove those people right. That’s at least what I want to do," Van Noy said.