Jason McCourty, in his 10th year, fighting to make a roster spot

Jason McCourty likes teaching the young cornerbacks about life in the NFL

CB Jason McCourty might have been a little jealous in 2010 of his identical twin brother Devin McCourty when he was drafted in the first round by the New England Patriots. When the Pats selected Devin McCourty - Devin was in the bathroom - so he answered Devin's telephone. Pats owner Robert Kraft congratulated Devin - even though he was really talking to Jason. In the second half of the conversation Devin spoke with Coach Bill Belichick. Jason has not yet corrected the record with the Pats owner and who could blame him.

"Sometimes our wives have trouble telling us apart," said Jason after practice. "They don't know who they are talking to."

Jason, who signed with the Pats in the offseason, always wanted a chance to win and play with his twin brother. Jason, who played last season with the Cleveland Browns and spent the eight seasons before that with the Tennessee Titans, said he is just focused on each practice. Given that he has never played on a team that went to the playoffs while Devin has won two Super Bowls and been to four - Jason must be excited to be in New England.

"It is a dream come true for us to play along side one another," Jason said. "It is an awesome feeling for both ourselves and our families."

McCourty, who turns 31 Monday August 13th, is caught in a crowded cornerback group. It is somewhat clear that Stephon Gilmore and Eric Rowe will be the starters. After that, it is wide open who will grab the remaining cornerback spots. The candidates are Duke Dawson, Keion Crossen, Cyrus Jones, J.C Jackson, Ryan Lewis and Jason.

Jason enjoys being a mentor to the younger players. Jason likes the willingness of the younger corners to ask questions and being around them gives him renewed energy. Jackson and McCourty will often speak as much as 15 times in one day. Jackson often asks about which coverage to use in response to a certain formation.

Jason like to help younger players because he remembers the mentorship older corners provided him when he was a rookie in Tennessee. Cortland Finnegan and Chris Hope were Jason's primary's mentors along with Rod Hood.

"Without the older guys in Tennessee I don't think I would be where I am in my career today. I had older guys take me in under their wing and make me come get in the cold tub with them, make me watch film and just try to continue to push me," Jason said. "They would talk to me all throughout practice and the games - trying to get my technique right. I feel it's only right to try and repay those guys and continue to pass that down."

Jason just wishes the younger corners had more cultural awareness given that he is nine years older than the rookies on the roster.

"Things come up throughout camp - we talked about the (1993) Movie Poetic Justice and I said Duke (Dawson) looked liked one of the characters and he (Dawson) looked at me like I had two heads. Sometimes you will say that song came out when I was a senior in high school and they say that was the year I was born. It makes you feel old, but it is all in good fun," Jason said.

Some local media have written that Jason might be cut, especially after he did not play in the Pats preseason win Thursday Night against the Redskins. Sure, McCourty would like to make the team and fulfill his dream of playing next to Devin his twin.

But if it does not happen, Jason is not one to be bitter. He only wants the best for the younger corners.

"I hope a few years from now I am sitting on the coach - I turn on the television and I see these guys making plays," Jason said.

If being a gentleman and having class determined who made the roster - Jason would have a guaranteed spot.