Pats Notebook on a Beautiful Sunday

Rob Gronkowski not afraid of the sharks

Foxborough Mass --

Gronkowski Loves the Sharks

There is little Rob Gronkowski is afraid of and sharks can be included in that category.

"Yeah, I know, I saw them. Im a shark expert. I heard theres some great whites out there. I havent seen any great whites yet. They dont know me yet. I only swam with tigers. So, maybe Ill go say hi to my friends," Gronkowski said.

Perhaps, one day Gronkowski will make an appearance on Shark Tank -- either as a contestant or as one of the sharks given that he has pocketed all his NFL earnings and lived off his endorsement money. One could pitch a waterskiing school with Gronkowski as is its leader. One guarantee is if Gronkowski was on Shark Tank ratings would improve.

Kenny Britt

At last, Kenny Britt is heard from him. Britt has been working on the rehab field or the lower field. Soon, there will be a sponsor for this field. Britt, because he wasn't practicing, couldn't speak to the media. But at last he has been liberated and next to DL Deatrich Wise - he has the second greatest smile on the team. Britt also sports a great beard and is not bitter. Asked about how he stays motivated when he works on the lower field - the answer is simple.

"I want to be on the upper field," Britt said.

Britt added

"A lot of guys feed off my energy. So Im in a position where its hard to see guys go out there and participate and practice. But I cant come out there looking sad and miserable thats just no good for anybody. But thats just my personality anytime I wake up its time to get better.

The situation with Kenny Britt, who has a hamstring injury, is analogous to what Billy Beane (general manager) of the Oakland Athletics said to David Justice in the Movie Moneyball.

"I want to milk the last ounce of baseball you got in you. You want to stay in the show. I am not paying you for the player you used to be. I am paying you for the player you are now. "

The question is whether Britt has an ounce of talent left. Britt, who in his 10th season, has previously played for the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns. Britt, who turns 30 in September, is a dinosaur by NFL standards because receivers and running backs rarely last past 30.

Uninteresting Practice Report

RB Sony Michel, LB Harvey Langi, OL Marcus Cannon and Isaiah Wynn (who will not be seen this year) were absent from practice.