For Jason and Devin McCourty - A Dream Come True

After 10 years Apart Twins Finally Play Together and Win Super Bowl

ATLANTA - For Jason McCourty, this year was a dream come true. He had watched his brother play in four previous Super Bowls. Jason would spend the week with his brother, but then when it came to the game he was just a spectator. McCourty will be best remembered for breaking up a pass that should have been a touchdown to Brandin Cooks. McCourty started the game and got beat by Cooks on the second half play. He didn't give up - just like he didn't give up on his dream of winning a Super Bowl. He ran after Cooks and knocked the ball away.

“0-16 last year, Super Bowl champion this year,” Jason McCourty said. “I couldn’t have thought this up man... I remember when I first came here to this team in April, there was a whole media spectacle that it wouldn’t be any fun here. It’s my third organization in my tenth season. I haven’t had more fun than this season.”

Devin McCourty praised his brother's versatility.

"He’s been the Patriot guy. That Swiss army knife all year. I think he’s been great inspiration and motivation since we’ve been down here in Atlanta. He’s had great perspective and enjoyed every bit of this trip," Devin said.

This could be it for both McCourty brothers. Devin said on media night it might be his last game. McCourty now has three Super Bowl rings. The two brothers played together their entire lives until the NFL. Jason was drafted in the fifth round of the 2009 draft and Devin was drafted in the first round of the 2010 draft. It took 10 years for them to final play together. Devin could not be happier for his twin brother.

"Oh, I'm ecstatic. That guy humbly came here, openly said 'I'm willing to accept any role you have for me, I just want to be part of a team', and you guys know, it started in training camp – is he going to make it, is he not going to make it? Six plays the first game, started off the rest of the season. He's played inside, he's played outside, he's played the tight ends, receivers. He's been that Patriot guy, he's been that all year. He's been good inspiration and motivation since we've been down here in Atlanta. He's got great perspective, he's laughing and enjoying everything about this trip," Devin said.

There was talk that Jason would not make the team in training camp. He struggled early in the season at the second corner position when he replaced the struggling Eric Rowe. He and Jonathan Jones alternated at the third corner position with Jason mostly being a starter down the stretch. McCourty's leadership was valuable on a defense that has struggled at times this year.

Devin did not want to think about retirement and just wanted to enjoy the victory.

“I don’t know. I’m going to enjoy this. I don’t even know what I’m going to do tomorrow,” Devin said. “Just got to have fun and enjoy this. Like I said all throughout this year, there’s going to be no special year like this year. Just the fun we had, group we had, playing with my brother, the guy I started playing with at 10-years-old. To come out here and play a whole season and win a Super Bowl together, it’s amazing.”