Five Final Thoughts Before Kickoff

Pats Defensive Backs Need To Have A Big Game

A. Tom Brady took the high road Friday when asked about what is a baffling decision to trade Brandin Cooks who now leads the league in receiving yards. Cooks, who entered Thursday Night's game with more receiving yards than the entire Pats receiving core combined, could help this wide receiving core. He had a beautiful 47-yard touchdown catch - something the Pats have not had all season. Brady, who kept his media appearance Friday short, said he is happy for the success of the former Pats players. He reminded the press, though, that the Rams are 4-0. Brady said he was not frustrated about the decision to trade Cooks or not resign Amendola.

"No, not really. I’m happy for those guys, and you know, usually when you leave, it’s because you get good opportunities in other places. I mean, I’m just usually generally frustrated about football in general just because it’s a frustrating sport. But I’m certainly happy for guys when they do well," Brady said.

WR Josh Gordon (hamstring) is questionable for Sunday.

B. If yours truly was the offensive coordinator, there needs to be more screens to James White who is the Pats second best offensive weapon after Rob Gronkowski who is questionable this Sunday with an ankle injury. The screen game prevents Tom Brady from getting hit and minimizes the Dolphins pass rushers Robert Quinn and Cameron Wake.

C. This Dolphins team is beatable. They have beaten three bad teams - the Titans, Jets and Raiders. Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill, who missed all of 2017 because of injury is 10-1 in his last 11 starts and is playing the best football of his career. But the Dolphins have not won a big game/playoff game in a long time. Tannehill has yet to have a big win in his career and has not won a playoff game. Tannehill can show Sunday that he belongs in the elite conversation of quarterbacks.

D. The Dolphins offensively will attack the Pats second and third corners who have played poorly so far this season. Whether it is Jason McCourty, Eric Rowe or Jonathan Jones these players must play better for the Pats to have a chance. Giving J.C. Jackson some playing time would not be bad idea.

E. Matt Light enters the Pats Hall of Fame Saturday. He was fitted for his red jacket on Thursday. Light joked that he did not invite his nemesis Dwight Freeney. No two players gave Light more trouble than Freeney and Jason Taylor. Matt Light was a classic prankster during his 11 years in New England. He joked that the real world is not as receptive to the prank as the locker room.

"We'd be here all day. Yeah, sure. We could put a book together of Matt Light stories," Bill Belichick said Friday.

Light, who said he was embarrassed to be a Patriot last year after the National Anthem protest by several Pats player, should be happy to be a Patriot Saturday.