Epilogue of Tom vs. Time is released

Devin McCourty appreciates Nike using Colin Kaepernick as its spokesman

Foxborough, Mass --

The epilogue of Tom Brady's Tom vs. Time series was released Wednesday. Nothing earth shattering in the roughly six minutes of footage that led some local newscasts. Brady said it would be difficult to play five more years. He spent the offseason with his family - hanging out and traveling. Neither Devin McCourty nor Trey Flowers had watched Tom vs. Time. Flowers said more fans would watch Devin v. Time than Trey vs. Time because "my life ain't interesting. I am just chilling. Devin does a lot of charity work in the community."

McCourty, though, thinks that "No one would watch" Devin v. Time.

McCourty, 31, and Flowers, 25, did not think that they would be playing at 45.

"It would be hard because we (Tom and I) play different positions," Flowers said.

Asked what he (McCourty) would be doing at 45,

"I don't want to give away my secret," McCourty said.

Devin McCourty likes Colin Kaepernick

McCourty said he liked that Kaepernick is a poster boy for Nike's new "Just Do IT" campaign. Kaepernick will lend his voice to a commercial that airs Thursday Night in the NFL's opener between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons. McCourty and Kaepernick have mutual friends. They have spoken in the past, but not for a long time.

McCourty thinks that Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins has the best hands in football. McCourty said he often was amazed when watching the tape because of how often Hopkins makes catches with several defenders around him.

Trey Flowers Happy

Given that Bill Belichick is a demanding coach, players are not always happy. Flowers might be an exception.

"I am playing with my boys. Playing a game I love that I have been playing for a long time. You gotta be happy," Flowers said.

Flowers also has a great mentality where he stays levelheaded in good times and bad. He understands that the other team gets paid too. Asked to recall a play where Houston QB Deshaun Watson successfully ran against pressure last year.

"They have great players they are going to make great plays," Flowers said.

Against the Texans the defense must force the offense to make spectacular plays in order to win.

"Spectacular plays don't come around that often so you want them to have make those types of plays. You don't want give up yardage because of a lack of fundamentals," Flowers said.

Trent Brown returns to Practice

Left tackle Trent Brown returned to practice Wednesday. Brown missed practice Sunday and Tuesday.

"I feel I didn't miss a beat," Brown said.

Brown, 6-6 380 pounds, had little to say in the locker room. Asked whether the top-notch Houston Texans defensive front would be a good test for the Pats offensive line.

"It's the NFL there is a test every week," Brown said.

Asked about facing Texans OLB Jadeveon Clowney. Brown stated the obvious.

"He's a great player."

As for facing OLB Whitney Mercilus

"He is a great player - that is why he is in the league," Brown said.

As for accomplishing his goals in training camp - given that he is making a difficult transition from right tackle to left tackle.

"I did," Brown said.

Brown, though, is a little excited for Sunday's Game - more than he was to talk to the press Wednesday.

"I am always excited for Week 1 to get the real season going," Brown said. "I feel good."

Asked about the differences between the San Francisco 49ers (where he played in 2017) and New England Patriots, he reminded fans that he is New England now - so it does not matter.

"I am a 49er now - not a Patriot so that is all I have to worry about," Brown said.

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