Coach Rivera: "If you don’t win, it doesn’t matter what the ramifications are."

Coach Ron Rivera Conference Call with Seattle Media

(On if this game against the Seahawks feels like a divisional matchup)

“Yup, honestly it does. I think it kind of speaks to a degree, the continuity we both have had on our sides of the coast.”

(On if the Seahawks offense looks different from past years)

“Yes, it does. I think they’re doing some different things with their offense. I think the different use of the different personnel groups (and) which groups they’re favoring, the different plays that they’re running, I think they’re helping the quarterback out a lot more even though he still makes his plays. Dude’s a great player, but it just looks like they’re trying to help him a lot and their commitment to the run has just been tremendous.”

(On what a good run game does for an offense)

“It protects your quarterback, first of all. It takes a lot of the pressure off him to have to make plays all the time. What it also does for you team is that it controls the clock, the pace and tempo of the game, and it keeps your defense fresher. It keeps your defense off the field and it keeps your opponent’s offense off the field as well. There’s a huge positive effect when you’re running the ball successfully and I will say this too, because of their ability if they get behind – with their quarterback’s ability and those receivers and tight ends that they have, the playmakers they have on the offense – they can most certainly come back.”

(On using quarterbacks in the run game)

“You’ve got to pay attention to him. He hands that ball off, you just don’t know if he really truly handed it off, or is he keeping it. Just that hesitation is enough sometimes to create that natural crease for your runner, or if you go crashing down hard and he pulls it like he did in the Rams game, he can make some big plays.”

(On if it’s too early to start thinking about playoff ramifications)

“Well, I’ll tell you this much. If you don’t win, it doesn’t matter what the ramifications are. You’ve got to go out and take care of your business before you can do anything else.”

(On what Norv Turner has brought as offensive coordinator)

“Well, he most certainly is a deep thinker. He’s brought a little different attitude in our approach to our offense. He’s trying to take a lot of the pressure off of the quarterback and the commitment to the young receivers that we have is obvious.”

(On the morale of the team)

“I was pleased with the way they came back today during the morning meetings. I thought their attentiveness was very good and hopefully, they heeded me. I told them, ‘hey guys, let’s get past this.’ I told them on Monday, ‘when I see you on Wednesday, I want to make sure we’re focusing in on the Seahawks’ and I really thought they came into meetings and into practice with the right attitude.”

(On Shaq Thompson)

“Tremendous athleticism. The guy allows us to do some things that you normally wouldn’t do. He’s got such a personal ability in terms of coverage, blitzes and basically playing the run. I mean, the guy is a complete package and we’re real excited to have him on our football team.”