Rivera: Unfortunately we lost the turnover battle today

Head coach Ron Rivera addresses the media after Panthers' 24-17 loss at Buccaneers.

(On quarterback Cam Newton’s shoulder injury)

“Cam’s [Newton] shoulder is a little bit sore, so we’ll go from there. We’ll see what the doctor has to say after he gets a chance to look at him.”

(On when he decided he was going to help with the defensive play calling)

“I was helping out with the defensive play calling all day. That is what I was doing.”

(On whether he was making all calls on defense)

“I was helping with the defensive play calling.”

(On how long he has been helping call defensive plays)

“I was helping with the defensive play calling.”

(On whether his play card was different today because he was helping with defensive play calling)

“No. I have been holding that same type of play card for a long time.”

(On Newton’s interceptions)

“We will have to go back and look at it, but unfortunately we lost the turnover battle today.”

(On why they lost the game other than the turnovers)

“Well, that and we gave up a big penalty up over the top, which I have an opinion on that, but I can’t share it. Again, the guys go out and fight and they do the best they can.”

(On why he felt like he needed to help with defensive play calling today)

“Just a different set of eyes and another perspective.”

(On reports released from CBS Sports about Panthers Owner David Tepper being frustrated with the Panthers’ losses)

“At the end of the day, unless Mr. Tepper says it, I’m not going to address it. So, we can forget about asking me those questions please.”

(On losing tight end Greg Olsen to a foot injury)

“Well, it was tough. Greg [Olsen] had a good week of practice. There were some things that were put in for him and unfortunately, we lost Greg, but I thought [tight end] Ian [Thomas] got in and he made some plays himself, so we have some young guys that continue to get opportunities.”

(On Olsen’s injury)

“We’ll see. Again, we’ll let the doctors determine that situation for us.”

(On whether he is concerned about his job security as head coach)

“I am not going to address that question. Do not ask that question again please.”

(On how the Panthers will get out of its losing hole)

“Win, that’s the only way. At the end of the day, you give yourself a chance and fight to the very end. You can look at it, the last few games we have played have come down to the last opportunities we have had, whether it be on offense or defense. You just have to make a play. That is unfortunately something we haven’t been able to do right now. We have not been able to make a play when it matters.”

(On what led Newton calling a timeout before the two-minute warning on third down)

“Cam [Newton] looked at something and called a timeout. He didn’t like what he saw. He has that freedom to do that. You’ll have to ask him why he called it.”

(On fourth down timeout)

“That was to settle in and try to get what we felt was the best call we had. We wanted to really get a chance to think about it and that’s what we tried to do.”

(On whether Newton’s shoulder is becoming more of a concern)

“We’ll see. Again, for the most part, we’ve been able to get through it, but he got really sore at the end of this game. We’ll see again what the doctors have to say about it once they get a chance to look at it.”

(On whether Newton’s shoulder injury is worse this week compared to others)

“Well again, when you throw as many passes as he did this game, that is going to happen.”

(On what led the Panthers to turn away from the run game)

“We were trying to score. Some of it has to do with play calling and Coach [Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner] is going to call what he believes is the best for our offense. I support his play calling 100 percent.”

(On Cam Newton’s performance today versus last week)

“I’m going to look at the tape and make those. I’m not going to say something that I’m not quite sure about. I’m going to make sure I get a chance to look at it all and get a good understanding of it.”

(On giving up a touchdown on Tampa Bay’s first drive)

“If you allow a score, it’s an impact period. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first drive, second drive or third drive, just giving up a score has an impact. We had some opportunities to get up the field, we just didn’t convert. Again, we just have to shore that up, go back and get that corrected.”

(On mixing in defensive end Wes Horton into the game)

“Trying to create a little something different as far as our pass rusher. We like Wes’ [Horton] length, we like Wes’ [Horton] quickness off the ball and his three technique. We were trying to mix something up on the inside.”

(On whether the rush and coverage complimented each other)

“I thought we did at times. I thought we had some opportunities at times. I will admit this, I thought Jameis [Winston] hurt us big time with his mobility, tucking the ball and running a couple times. He converted some early first downs for them and that kept us off balance a little bit as well. We tried to stay in the rush lanes, but sometimes we got beat out of them. We mixed up the rush trying to trap him a couple times which we did, but a couple times, he got outside and when he got outside, he was able to find the receivers open.”

(On whether he is worried that outside reports will seep into the locker room)

“I hope not. As far as I’m concerned, unless Mr. Tepper puts his name on it, I think everybody needs to just calm down and let what’s really being said and let the truth come out. If anybody has a question, I think they should ask Mr. Tepper. I don’t think that’s fair to sit there and say, ‘sources say’.”


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