Rivera: Can't allow big plays over the top

Coach Ron Rivera Postgame Press Conference vs Seattle.

Head coach Ron Rivera meets with the media following Carolina's 30-27 defeat against Seattle.

RE: Message to team after the game

Basically just stick together. We still have five games left to go. We control it. Go out and play. You have to play to win. That’s just the bottom line. One games series now from here on out.

RE: Pivotal aspects that led to today’s loss

Big plays. Balls over the top. Missed opportunities to make plays. You got to make plays. Can’t allow big plays over the top.

RE: Confidence level in Graham Gano

Confidence level is where it needs to be. If we get into another situation like that, he is our kicker. He is going to kick the ball.

RE: What did Seattle do to create the breakdowns in pass coverage?

Well, unfortunately he had a little bit of time a couple of times and that’s what happened. I think a big part of what has to happen is we’ve got to make sure we are staying on top of the ball. We have a guy right there that has a chance to make a play and the ball comes down the chute. That happened twice. Again, it’s about when you are in position to make a play, you’ve got to make a play.

RE: Message to cornerbacks

I think the whole thing is, it’s a team game. You got to look at the aspect that we’ve got to get pressure in certain situations and we have to be able to make plays when we are out there on our own.

RE: Negative plays eclipsing offensive performances of Christian McCaffrey and Cam Newton

Yes, they were. That’s disappointing. We got guys who have to step up and make plays. If we don’t, that’s the unfortunate part.

RE: Did coaching staff expect so much of offense to run through Christian McCaffrey when drafting him? We look at the guys we have. We try to give our quarterback weapons by what we have done the last couple of drafts. I’d say we have done that. I wouldn’t just say it runs through Cam (Newton) and Christian (McCaffrey) but you look at all the guys who are contributing. These are the guys we need to make plays and they are making plays. Again, unfortunately we had opportunities to make plays in other areas of the game and we didn’t. Because of that, that’s what happened. You lose the game.

RE: Donte Jackson injury impact

We had three corners that were left up. We did the best we could. We ended up playing a little bit more of our big nickel package to try and take some of the pressure off those guys, but unfortunately you get down to crunch time and you want to do certain things, you’ve got to leave them out there. Hopefully, they can do their best and try to make something happen.

RE: 4th down run in red zone on first drive

Exactly what I thought. I thought he picked it up. I was as bewildered as anyone watching that play. So we will see what happened.

RE: Development of DJ Moore

I think he is right where you would hope he would be, contributing the way he has. He has made a lot of plays for us. He is showing he is an explosive player, he is a dynamic player and a player like that gives us a chance to win football games. We have to take advantage of those skill sets.

RE: How tough is it to lose when Cam Newton completes 85% of his passes and Christian McCaffrey has the type of game he has?

Losing makes it sting. I don’t think you qualify it by certain things because you could have a game where everybody else does what they are supposed to and somebody else doesn’t. That’s just the nature of the game. Losing hurts. That’s just the way that is.


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