QB Cam Newton: Trying to get back into the groove

Quarterback Cam Newton discusses the Panthers' victory over the Cowboys in the opener.

RE: His cleats

To be honest with you, that is all the creators of my cleats an affiliation with Under Armour I dont see my cleats until gameday. They used to send them to me early but I just still want the wow factor. I didnt see them until today and it was pretty cool. I had the spurs too but the spurs didnt make it, we have to go back to the drawing board with those. Just something leading up to the game, obviously we were playing the Cowboys.

RE: His touchdown celebration

I thought about that today, I said what am I going to do when I score? Im big on energy, Im big on feeding the world energy, on seeing yourself doing certain things, so when I was doing my body prayer today something that is very dear to me I was thinking man, Ive got to think about something to do and that was the only thing I thought of. I didnt want to ruffle any feathers, it was just all out of love and respect for the game.

RE: Early rushes setting the tempo for the game

Got a little too greedy early on but its just getting back into the flow of the game. Going out there and playing four quarters of football is something that we havent done in a long time so just trying to get back into the groove of things. But all in all, the offense, we did a lot of good things but weve just got to stay on rhythm, thats when were at our best. Those methodical, long drives from running the ball, throwing the ball, keeping the defense off balance and you saw flashes of those today. Then also, there were lulls that we cant keep allowing ourselves to get in, but Im just excited to get a good team win today, much needed and we will deal with our mistakes leading up to next week.

RE: Greg Olsens injury

You guys know how I feel about Greg, you cant ever replace him, his professionalism that he brings to the game, his overall outlook, his IQ, his understanding. But, in a way, Ian (Thomas) has been being prepared for this moment and Blistex (Chris Manhertz) and Im just going to leave it up to the front office who they bring up next or if we just do with what we have. And also, just seeing Nostrils (Daryl Williams) go down too. I know how hard he worked to battle back and I hope its not as bad as it seemed. Im being optimistic about both of their injuries but well be good. This is the NFL where injuries do happen. The severity of the injuries you never know but at the end of the day, youre only as good as your weakest link and I say that with all due respect of knowing the next man up approach.

RE: The final drive of the first half

We did a good job of getting the ball into the red zone and I just knew that we didnt have any more timeouts and I dont know if it was a sack or a short-yard gain but when I saw 13 seconds, I just felt in my mind we needed to play the conservative route, points are better than nothing, dont want to risk a sack with no timeouts. So, they were telling me to spike the ball and it was kind of me saying I just want points. We just need points right here. Better safe than sorry. So, when I saw it and I was seeing people unset, I was thinking to myself there was no need to rush. All week weve been hearing about the pass rush and Ive seen it today and not necessarily that I didnt have any trust or faith, Im just saying that we needed points and I just wanted to get points right there.

RE: David Tepper getting the game ball

Its been good. Im happy for that, Im happy for the community, Im happy for the fans. All in all, Mr. Tepper has been a good thing for this organization and the energy that hes bringing upon us has been somewhat of a light not saying that we didnt have that before but to see a guy of his magnitude, knowing that he still has a lot of other things going on pretty sure he could be anywhere else Im just happy that we were able to get a win today.

RE: Norv Turners play calling

Its still early, I felt extremely comfortable with what he was doing. I understood the game plan going into it and it is still kind of give and take, knowing how he calls just the preparation process throughout this whole week. This is the first week weve really had to kind of hone in. It was a long week so you can kind of overload yourself with overthinking certain things. But all in all, we felt good and were just going to keep getting better.

RE: Panthers pass rush and the strip sack at the end of the game

Frazier (Julius Peppers), Super Mario (Mario Addison), KK (Kawan Short) and Im Just Chilling (Dontari Poe), those guys wreak havoc. A lot of havoc. I know, I see it every day in practice, everybody just runs by obviously you cant hit the quarterback because of that pretty red jersey you hear them yell sack! So now for it to come to fruition in the actual game and to see it, you start believing certain things and Im just happy for those guys. Im happy for us as a team.

RE: The energy of the crowd at the end of the game

Well winning at home is very pivotal in the National Football League and I said it earlier in the week, we know they have a very strong fan base. We have a very strong fan base too and playing in [Bank of America Stadium], it was electrifying and weve just got to keep feeding it energy. Its just like anything else, its a living creature. Our fans are alive and when you do certain things to get them hyped, they can be a huge asset for us and thats what were going to expect throughout this whole year.