QB Cam Newton: This is a confidence booster for us

Quarterback Cam Newton discusses the Panthers' historic comeback win vs. the Eagles.

On how fast they were able to come back in the fourth quarter:

“I feel like just our edge at some particular times is being in a hurry up. And coach always says it, being in a hurry up doesn’t mean rush, doesn’t mean mayhem, it’s just controlled tempo and we are in control of that. When we got in the second half, things started to change for us. Just getting completions for my part and getting the ball in the right guy’s hands.”

On this being a statement win today:

“I think every win is a statement win. But I think we were against the ropes to a degree. We didn’t have a good performance in the first half. We understand that, we know that, we know that can’t happen especially versus a good team like this. But moving forward, this is a confidence booster for us.

Something that you can accelerate production offensively, defensively, as well as special teams.”

On why things clicked so well in the no huddle:

“I don’t know. I have been doing it my whole career to a degree. But we know in this league, given defenses’ wrinkles is what it’s all about, making mid‐game adjustments and that’s what we did at halftime.”

On the fourth‐and‐10 play to WR Torrey Smith on the last drive:

“Well, pardon my English, but it was a ‐‐‐‐ throw on the play before. I knew I had to come back and put my team in the best situation possible. I just wanted to evaluate the whole circumstance and what not. I saw his man had slipped and fell and he was uncovered wide open. I just knew I had to get the ball in his hands. It wasn’t pretty but the results were.”

On whether he knew he was in such close proximity to the defender and it looked like he got rid of the pass at the same time the defender collided with him:

“I don’t know what it was but it’s funny how a week’s difference. Last week – I don’t always do good with losing – but I just took that one personal, extremely personal. Just being that there were so many things that were against us, starting slow, turnovers. I thought we had an opportunity to win. And I told myself, just preparing all week, that if we ever get in that position again I very well better hold up my end of the bargain. There are a lot of guys that trust in me in that locker room, there are a lot of people depending on me to put this team in the best situation. And to a degree, I think I could have been better last week. And this week we were in the same situation and I didn’t want to let anyone down.”

On what the difference was in the last three drives of the game:

“It wasn’t a magic play. It wasn’t a magic whatever. We just stay in our rhythm. Stay in our rhythm.

Outside of that fourth‐and‐10, that was probably the only play that we were desperate for some type of movement in the drive. I feel like for the whole second half, we were methodical, moving the chains and just being persistent throughout this whole time. We have guys like [RB Christian McCaffrey] who can catch the ball out of the backfield, [TE] Greg [Olsen], [WR Devin Funchess] showed up today. Everybody just really had their heads in making big plays for this team and that’s what we were looking for.”

On having an opportunity to win a close game:

“God works in mysterious ways. I believe in putting good energy in the earth and knowing that when that opportunity presents itself again, you just better be ready for it. We’re lucky to be on this side, because it’s the difference between two or three plays. Every single close game. And today was one of those days. We were on the receiving end of a lot of beneficial things in the latter part of the game. I felt like early on, we couldn’t do anything right. And [in the] second half, it felt like we couldn’t do anything wrong.”

On what two or three plays did he feel were the game changers:

“Obviously the fourth down play. Just guys making plays. The much needed third down. And I’m just thinking about it off the top of my head right now without even evaluating anything. I think the play to [McCaffrey] was big too on third down for him. Just knowing and playing teams with really stingy defenses like this, those plays make all the difference.”

On defeating the defending Super Bowl champions while on the road:

“This place was advertised. Playing in a hostile environment. It felt like a lot of things were holding us back and then thrown at us, even pylons. But at the end of the day, we overcame that and we still kept pushing through it. You talk about good teams and the development DNA of good teams, winning on the road, winning close games is something that you have to do.”


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