Postgame Adams, Davis, Jackson, Love, McCaffrey, Moore, Munnerlyn, Olson, Samuel

Mike Adams
Thomas Davis
Donte Jackson
Kyle Love
Christian McCaffrey
DJ Moore
Captain Munnerlyn
Greg Olsen
Curtis Samuel

Safety Mike Adams

RE: The defensive performance today

We didn’t (start fast) – we gave up a touchdown on the first drive – but we finally got it together, we buckled down and started playing good defense. Getting off on third down, created a couple turnovers and they went for it on fourth down, which was big, and we go off the field.

RE: The talk about the Ravens having the No. 1 defense

It fueled us a little bit, I’m not going to lie, the fact that they’re No. 1 coming into our house. No disrespect to them because they’re playing good football – 27 sacks, 11 sacks in one game against the Tennessee Titans, we do a little research too – but it kind of fueled us because we wanted to go out here and play well. We wanted to be the No. 1 defense today.

RE: Whether it’s more fun playing with the lead

Actually no, because when you’re playing with the lead you have to be at full focus and you saw what we did last week, right? Now you’ve got to stay on edge and keep going, when it’s a nail-biter you know what you have to do so I think it’s better.

Linebacker Thomas Davis

RE: The defensive performance in today’s win

For us, it was all about going out and doing what was asked of us, not more than what we’re supposed to do and what we’re capable of and that’s what we did. After that first drive we did a really good job of really settling in and executing the defense.

RE: The defense’s preparation

With this team, when they bring Lamar Jackson in he adds a totally different wrinkle to their offense and you have to be prepared for that. I think our coaches did a great job making sure that we were prepared for that and ready to go.

RE: His message to the defense

Finish the game. All the talk about what happened last week, about what Philadelphia allowed us to do but I talked about what we did. We went out and did our job in the second half and we finished the game and I wanted today to be no different. Take that same approach like the score is 0-0, go out and finish the game and that’s what we were able to do.

Cornerback Donte Jackson

RE: Defensive performance as a whole

That first one was everything that we gave them, but we were able to come back on the sideline and tighten up things we had to tighten up and get back after it. Then we were technically sound the rest of the game.

RE: This game being a statement win

Our offense played a hell of a game. Those guys kept us going and we fed off of that a lot. They were out there scoring points and we just were in a rush and urgency to get them back on the field because we knew they were playing a good game and they were hot. We got this thing cookin and it’s starting to be something really, really special.

RE: Where John Brown ranks amongst receivers he’s guarded

He’s up there, he’s up there. Just from what he puts on film every given week. He’s a great player, explosive player, and I knew I had to come with my A game today in the matchup on him.

Defensive Tackle Kyle Love

RE: Talk of the Ravens having the No. 1 defense

We’re not really worried about what people say about us or anything about hype or whatever, we’re just trying to do our job, be the best Carolina defense that we can be. We’ve got a lot to work on still and we’ve got to come back better every week so that’s what we’ll continue to work on.

RE: The forced fumble

We just had a great defense called and I just executed my technique. The kind of scheme they ran offensively didn’t work against that so I was able to be there. Sometimes you’re unblocked and sometimes you have to make a play when your number is called and that’s what I did.

RE: If not getting the strip sack last week fueled him

Yeah it’s fuel to my fire every week because I don’t have any sack numbers right now so I’m working harder and harder each week to try to get that number on the board. I’m just trying to do the best I can for our team.

Running back Christian McCaffrey

RE: The complete game

We’ve been talking about putting a complete game together and that’s a hell of a team we just played so to do that against them was good. At the same time though, we’ve got to look at the tape. We’ve got a lot of ball left so we’ve got to work on consistently doing what we just did.

RE: The fast start on offense

Yeah that was huge, we talked about starting fast all week and making sure that everyone was locked in from the jump and our guys did that. You see DJ [Moore] make a couple really big plays, Curtis [Samuel] make a couple big plays, [Devin] Funchess make a couple great catches and obviously Greg [Olsen]. Then up front they didn’t allow one sack all game. We go as our offensive line goes and they did an absolutely unbelievable job today.

RE: How last week’s win influenced this week

Each week is a new week. Obviously, that was a great win last week but we were focused on this week the whole time. You appreciate all wins and you celebrate all victories but we’ve got a lot of ball left so we’re going to get back to the drawing board and see if we can capitalize on some of the good things that we did.

Wide Receiver DJ Moore

RE: The big win

We knew they were going to be aggressive but we knew we just had to go out there and execute the game plan. We had a good game plan going in for third downs and we didn’t want to get backed up so we could keep attacking.

RE: How this win feels

It feels great just to know that we went out and executed the game plan. Just to know that we could go out and do it throughout the game and end it how we did, it was awesome.

RE: The offensive line’s performance

They gave up no sacks today. They did an awesome job and they always do an awesome job throughout practice and throughout the week just planning to be the best offensive line they can be during a game.

Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn

RE: Whether this was the most complete game they’ve played all year

Oh yes, most definitely. We came out and we executed the game plan. It didn’t start pretty, they went down the field and made it 7-0, but we climbed back from that and took off from there.

RE: Playing defense with the lead

It’s a whole lot different. We like when we have the lead and this time, we kept climbing on them, we didn’t loosen up, we kept playing our regular calls and went out there and executed. It’s definitely different and it’s always more fun when you can do that.

RE: Whether this is a statement win

Anytime you can win in the NFL, it’s a statement win. It’s hard to win in this league. I’ve been in the league for a long time and it’s definitely very hard to win in this league, so when you can go out there and play against the No. 1 defense in the NFL and a pretty good Ravens team – they’re still a good football team – and do what we did today is definitely impressive. We just have to keep working and next week we have Tampa Bay coming in – a division opponent – so we’ve got to keep working and get ready for that.

Tight End Greg Olsen

RE: What worked today

I felt like we had a really good plan. We knew what a challenge this was going to be coming in and playing these guys. They’ve given a lot of teams this year fits. We felt really confident about our scheme. Our coaches really gave us a lot of opportunities to be successful out there and put us in good positions. You know, we’re pretty dynamic with DJ and Christian and Curtis and Cam, Funch, we’re pretty dynamic and with our ability to run the ball out of a lot of formations, we felt like it put a lot of pressure on them. Just seeing, especially in the first half, we just really found our rhythm and we were rolling as good as we have so far this year, if not the best.

RE: Having a lead the majority of the game

Coming in at halftime up 17, right? Yeah we were up 17 at half…but again we know what it’s like to be that team 17 down. They’re going to come out and they’re going to give you their best crack there early in the third quarter, so we knew we needed to come out and match that if not exceed it. We sputtered there, the defense did a great job in the second half giving us a couple short fields, the fourth down stop, and then the pick. We got three points out of those two drives, so that wasn’t great. We’ve got to do a better job finishing. I think that drive there in the fourth quarter that Cam ended up scoring was a big-time drive and then obviously that drive at the of the game running that clock out before Graham’s last field goal took a big chunk of time out.

RE: The last play before Graham’s field goal to end the half

That was one of the craziest plays I’ve ever been a part of. We were torn between kicking a field goal, the wind was crazy, throwing a Hail Mary. Then we decided to go Hail Mary with Taylor, we got lined up and all of the sudden the guy that was out on me started walking in to rush the passer, so I just started screaming for Taylor. I knew we had five seconds, so I thought we needed like three yards right? I don’t know how many yards we ended up getting, we needed two or three. So we didn’t have a far way to go to get Graham kind of over the hump and…I don’t know, it was wide open and Taylor…I don’t know if he heard me or if he saw the same thing. I didn’t really do anything, I just kind of flowed off the line and you’ve just got to try and catch it and then obviously it’s a race to get out of bounds. I could have gotten some more yards, we ended up having two seconds, but considering we only started at five that was…to steal those three there at the end with the pick…he (Flacco) tries to throw the ball away, you get a pick and then the next thing you know you turn it into three points it’s a huge, it’s a huge difference in a game like this.

Wide Receiver Curtis Samuel

RE: The offense when he and DJ Moore are on the field at the same time

You can’t just say these guys are going to run down the field and catch the ball, you’ve got to watch out for the run threat, bubble screens; there is a bunch that we bring to the table which helps out Cam [Newton] and the offense.

RE: Being younger players going up against older defenses

For me and DJ, we’re both young, but we’ve both got personal goals. We’ve both played in big games before and this stage is no different to me or to him so we’re just going to go out there and ball every day.

RE: What the statement was with this game

We just wanted to show that we could get out early and put points up on the board. We just wanted to show that we’ve got a dynamic offense with a bunch of people that can make plays and we ran the ball well.


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