Olsen: We've pushed this foot as far as possible

Tight end Greg Olsen implies his season is over after he re-injured his right foot Sunday in Tampa.

(On re-injuring his foot)

“I broke the bone that’s already broken again, I guess that’s the clarity. Since I’ve come back, I’ve dealt with a variety of pain and whatever in my foot and just stemming from the compensation or just the trauma that it’s been through with the surgery and whatnot. Today, that plantar just finally had enough. It kind of just ruptured on me. It’s been sore and I’ve been able to kind of manage it since I’ve come back. I felt okay; it wasn’t really bothering me much today. I felt like I got off to a good start running around and then that first play of the second quarter, I just came out of my stance and I just knew right away what happened. It popped pretty good on me.”

(On dealing with his injury the past two seasons)

“It’s just been obviously a very frustrating two seasons now. To break last year in the first place, have the surgery, try to come back and play; make it back the last couple games and play in the playoffs, then go all offseason feeling like you’re behind it and to rebreak it; you kind of go back and forth about whether we can play, not play and we decide to give it a shot. It was actually getting pretty good as far as the bone was concerned. I developed some soft-tissue stuff over the course of the last six or seven weeks and dealt with it and tried to keep it at bay as best we could. It’s just kind of one of those things that it’s just a matter of time and we’ve kind of pushed this foot I think as far as possible over the last two seasons and today it just kind of had enough.”

(On how he injured his foot)

“I ruptured my plantar fascia. The plantar fascia on the bottom of my foot popped. It’s just been something we’ve dealt with since I’ve come back.”

(On his outlook for the rest of the season)

“Yeah, I don’t know. It’ll be tough. I think we’ve gotten about as much as we could’ve ever asked for out of this foot in its current state. It’s just tough. To go 10 years and not really have anything and then one little injury now will stall me for a good part of two seasons is frustrating. I can still play at a high level. It just hasn’t been in the plans right now.”

(On what is holding back the team)

“I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m probably not the guy to ask right now.”