Olsen: Those red zone trips come back to kill you

Tight end Greg Olsen discusses Carolina's frustrating loss to Seattle in Week 12.

RE: Biggest frustrations with the loss

Just a brutal way to end the game. The red zone stuff killed us throughout course of the game. Against those kind of teams, those are all the red zone trips that come back to kill you. I don’t know what else to say.

RE: Getting back on track for the final month of the season

We don’t have a choice. We’ve got a lot of shit to figure out before we worry about winning five games. I told you guys last week we have to worry about one game, and we haven’t won one game in three weeks. Forget about five, we’ve got to win one.

RE: “Are you so frustrated because you feel like all of the pieces are there for you guys to be winning more than you are now?”

That right there sums it up. It was like a track meet up and down the court. We don’t worry about defense, we worry about what we can control and that’s playing offense. Did we punt? We didn’t punt. We lost the game when we didn’t punt. It’s tough. Our red zone stuff killed us. Against good teams, those extra three points, the difference of four points, 7 vs 3 or… obviously on the first one we got stopped a little short. I thought it was a great call to go for it, we just came up short, they made a good play. They come back to kill you.

RE: Concerns moving forward

6‐5 is not great. You’re 6‐2 and now you’re 6‐5. I don’t know if that’s how anybody saw it going.

RE: Ron’s message to the team

Five games left. Just have to try and go get one.

RE: Struggles in the red zone

We haven’t had any struggles in the red zone. We’ve been one of the best red zone teams in the league until today. I don’t know. Obviously good defense. We missed a few, we got stopped a couple run plays early, and they did a good job. We need to be better.