Newton: I've just got to play better

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton tied a career high with four interceptions Sunday in Tampa.

(On failure being due to lack of execution in credible situations)

“Well, it was a personal blow for me being that I just have to take care of the ball. It’s a low percentage chance you’re going to win a football game if you turn the ball over four times. That’s just care-free football, we can’t have that, I can’t allow that and accept that from myself. I just have to do a better job with my accuracy and decision making.”

(On if his shoulder is affecting him)

“It’s alright, it will be alright”

(On mistakes being player driven and not coaching driven)

“Absolutely, like I said, I take this one personal being that I just have to play better, that’s what it comes down to. As a signal caller, as a quarterback, it’s hard to point blame when you have to first account for yourself in the mirror. When I look back at this game, it just really comes down to protecting the football. Who knows where we would go if we were in field goal range, it could’ve led to a fresh start or whatever but it just comes down to myself and being able to protect the ball.”

(On what happened on the second interception intended for DJ Moore)

“It’s sad because I don’t even know which one you’re talking about. I know a lot of those is just a lack of execution. They did a great job and played a great defense, very stingy and stout up front. Guys playing very opportunistic and like I said, the inaccuracy of myself today, it showed and it hurt us, it hurt us bad, and we really needed this game just as we need every single game we do play. For the most part, you have games like this in a season and for us we just have to make sure it can’t keep happening.”

(On if Tampa Bay’s pressure was a big factor in his interceptions)

“To a degree, but at the end of the day our offensive line did great. They gave me opportunities, receivers played great. But like I say, you just can’t keep throwing the ball up for grabs and I’m a better player than that and I know that. “

(On if calling two timeouts prior to consecutive plays with less than three minutes to go was because the play clock was winding down)

“It was the play clock. The clock was running down and it is better to be in a clean play rather than a bunch of guys not understanding what the call is. We came off the timeout, I had the play call, I had some type of miscommunication with formations and order of protection and I just wanted to make sure everybody was on the same page.”

(On what has to change collectively to win again)

“Take personal challenges and accept responsibility, I can’t really speak for a lot of people and I’m not going to speak for a lot of people but this wasn’t Carolina Panthers football, offensively, today. Like I said, I take this one personal because I know, keep running off this field in embarrassment, really, knowing that you’re leaving because of your mishaps. At the end of the day you learn from it, take this one on the chin – it hurts – and keep moving forward. We just have to find ways to get back in the win column and I feel like we’re on a brink.”

(On if the offense was affected by loss of Greg Olsen)

“Not necessarily, we have strong beliefs in Ian (Thomas) and knowing what he’s capable of. He had a great catch today and just getting him comfortable. That’s what it pretty much comes down to.”

(On if he could have imagined going from 6-2 to 6-6)

“No, sir, but hey, we put ourselves in this situation and we have to get ourselves out.”

(On if he can expand on his shoulder and how it’s impacting his play)



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