Greg Olsen: We came to life in the fourth quarter

Tight end Greg Olsen discusses Carolina's late rally to defeat the Eagles.

On whether there was a point in the fourth quarter that he felt like they had the game:

“After the [Panthers WR Devin] Funchess touchdown, we got the two‐point conversion to make it down three with four‐something left, I felt like if we got the ball back, we kind of had it going there offensively. We thought in that no huddle, tempo, kind of had them on their heels. We thought if we got the ball back, we’d have a chance and obviously fourth‐and‐10 is not a great situation, but that was [Panthers QB] Cam [Newton] and [Panthers WR] Torrey [Smith] just making a great play and they kept our hopes alive.”

On the game‐winning drive, the play call which involved run‐action, to set you free for the gamewinning score:

“Yes, that was all play‐calling. That’s as easy as it‐I didn’t have to do too much there. It was a great scheme. We talked all week how that was going to be our first goal to go down there in the goal line area. When Cam got stopped on the real short there, the play before, everybody knew what was coming, everybody sold it real well. That was pretty easy.”

On what changed the last three drives of the game:

“I think we’re really good when we don’t huddle. I think it just took staying ahead of the chains. Even if you just get a couple yards and be second‐and‐8, second‐and‐7 – in the first half, we’d be doing alright and then we would have a tackle for loss or a penalty, a sack, or something, and I guess that front, it’s going to be hard to just drop back all day and throw the ball. They are getting close there, that’s as good as it gets. Those guys up front fought their asses off. I think when we got into that tempo, and just stayed on rhythm, stayed ahead of the chains, it allowed us to just kind of settle in a little bit and then we saw guys, all different guys, making plays. [Panthers WR] Curtis [Samuel], [Panthers WR] DJ [Moore] on the big third‐down there. Curtis’ touchdown, Funchess had a good game, big games, and big catches. [Panthers WR] Torrey [Smith], I don’t know if he caught another ball, but that was the biggest play of the game on fourth‐and‐10. It was scattered around to a lot of guys.”

On whether he can sense Cam getting on a roll and what it feels like when he does that out there: “Yes. After we scored the first one, we felt we were at least within striking distance, we knew we had some work to do. Then getting that ball back and going the length of the field again, capped off by Funchess touchdown, which was pretty much the same play from last week. Our two‐point conversions are really good. So when it was down three with four minutes, I felt, and I think everyone felt that if we got the ball back, we were probably going to win, and we did.”