Coach Ron Rivera: "Really just feel fortunate."

Coach Ron Rivera Postgame Press Conference vs Giants

RE: Special Teams putting on a show today

They did, especially the kicker. They did a nice job, did things they are supposed to do and gave us an opportunity at the end on the offensive side to win the game. Really just feel fortunate. We played a good football team out there. Every time we had the opportunity to put them away, they just kept fighting their way back. We made some mistakes, things that we need to get corrected, but you have to give that football team credit. They have a two-time Super Bowl MVP, an All-Pro wide receiver, they have a young running back that has some excitement to him, they have a big massive offensive line. You have to give them credit.

RE: Team composure leading to win

That is a good point because I did lose my composure a little bit in the third quarter and I think it might have affected our guys and that’s on me. I have to be able to maintain even though I don’t agree with what happens. I’ve got to maintain it because the guys feed off of the energy I have, so that’s on me if we want to talk about being helter-skelter, that’s on me.

RE: Mike Adams and what he brings to secondary

Again, just a veteran guy. A guy that can be a calming, steadying force out there which he was. As I said, we made some mistakes and some things we need to take a look at and get corrected. But again, I just think when you have a veteran out there, he can come up with some things that will happen. I thought he did a great job, just quarterbacking the guys back there.

RE: James Bradberry

That’s what it is. He has to see those types of plays and continue to fight out there. Every week we have asked him the tough thing and that’s to play the best receiver and he has done that. He has played the best receiver every week that we come up against. As a team, you go right down the list of all the guys he played and he will continue to do that because he is that kind of a quality corner in this league.

RE: His impression of challenged play before talking to referees

To be honest with you, I believed our guy had control of the football, 100%. My challenge was based off a challenge that happened last week. I watched the Dallas/Detroit game. There was a challenge very similar and it was called a catch so that is what I went off of. I assumed that was what we were going to get and I assumed incorrectly.

RE: Hoping for consistency week to week in officiating decisions

Yes, that is probably the best way to put it. I was hoping for a little consistency because to me I believe I saw the same thing. It’s something that we do every week. As there are certain elements of my staff that will watch that with our analytics guys who break it all down for us. That specific challenge came up as I said against Dallas and Detroit.

RE: Nervous on 63-yard field goal

Piece of cake. Piece of cake. Come on now, you know I don’t change my expressions.

RE: Eric Reid

I think he went out and played the kind of football game we were expecting him to. There were some things he has to shore up. He moved around early very well. You could see him a little heavy-legged at times and we have to be willing to pull him out at that point. We did it in the first half. I didn’t see if we did it in the second half or not, but the guy came out and gave us all he had and that’s what it’s all about. It’s about all on the field, giving it all for your teammates and winning football games. That’s what we have to continue to work on.

RE: Concern about Eric Reid’s playing shape

That’s why we had a plan that we had in the first half, and that was after a couple series we were going to take him out which we did. We put Rashaan Gaulden in and gave him an opportunity to play a little bit there. I think we did in the third quarter; I’d like to say we did it in the third quarter or at least that was what the plan was supposed to be. Again, I really did like what I saw early on. Later in the game we made some mistakes as a defensive unit, some things that we let slip and let happen and we have to be better than that.

RE: Lift from Curtis Samuel today

I tell you what, both him and DJ Moore came out and made some plays with their speed, their power and their strength as runners once they get the ball in their hands. Curtis, that was an electrifying catch and run and scoring like he did with breaking the tackles. You can say the same thing about DJ. You know, I think we missed some opportunities on offense. You guys know I always talk about it, you would much rather see us score touchdowns than kick field goals, but like I said though, it is what it is right now. We are going to continue to work and get better at it.

RE: Eric Reed kneeling during National Anthem

I’m not going to talk about a guy exercising his First Amendment rights. What I’m going to talk about is a football game because to me it’s about what happens on the football field and then what you do off the field.

RE: Cam Newton’s performance today and his block for Christian McCaffrey

It was pretty exciting to see. He is a competitor. He wants to win. You saw it when he was trying to run for those first downs. He is going to give you everything he has out on the field. He is going to lay it on the line and he is going to try to help this football team in any capacity he can. We saw that. A couple decisions I know he would like to have back. One of the interceptions was not his fault. A little miscommunication in terms of the route that was run. Again, he at the end of the game gave us an opportunity and like I said, Graham came through.

RE: Cam Newton’s maturity in final drive

Yes, it does. But he has a thing about doing that against the Giants for whatever reason. This is the second time where he has had to come back and save us with a nice drive to put us in position and Graham kick a field goal. Hats off to the Giants though. That’s a young, scrappy football team with a new coaching staff, new coordinators. There are going to be a force to reckon with very quickly because that team is going to mature quickly.

RE: Injury update on Devin Funchess and Ryan Kalil

I think Devin was cramping up. I’m not sure on Ryan. We will see what the doctors say but he walked off under his own power and everything like that so hopefully its nothing and just a matter of time


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