Cam Newton: When it's clicking, it's clicking

Quarterback Cam Newton addresses the media following Carolina's 42-28 win over Tampa Bay.

RE: Panthers offensive weapons

Well, you know when it’s clicking it’s clicking. It was a tale of the different quarters. First quarter came out, first early three‐and‐out. Then we started getting traction. We finished strong as far as the first half is concerned, but we have to be better in the third quarter. Knowing that we have to have better habits moving forward. We know that coach mentioned it. I’ve mentioned it. Everybody really notices it, but as far as the talent level on this team it’s extremely scary that we possess a lot of different good matchups in our favor.

RE: On how much fun it is to have the control to read and call trick plays

I’m just doing my job. At the end of the day, we don’t necessarily call them trick plays because we work on them so much and the way we execute them is like any other play. It’s just another thing for the defense to prepare for. We play against good defenses and if we have those guys second‐guessing the actual play and trying to find where the football is, the success rate is high for us.

RE: Curtis Samuel

Well I told him and Denniston [DJ Moore], I’m going to have a paddle on the field that I’m going to bring and it’s going to have one side Denniston and the other side it’s going to have Cupid [Curtis Samuel]. The reason I’m going to do that is because they are so talented that if they don’t focus, they’ll let an opportunity like we had today slip away. For them, it’s just getting them the ball. They have to understand where their alignment is, what their assignment is. We ask a lot from those guys and for them to be so young and dynamic, they have to be able to digest the things that we’re throwing at them. When they’re focused, there are no young players that I’d put those guys up against in this league because they have the physicality, the playmaking ability, and the want to. That’s the most important thing. Those guys want to make a big impact on this team and a lot of the impacts come as distractions for other players to come open.

RE: Norv Turner’s play‐calling before versus now

To be honest with you, I really want to start deading the conversations about Norv. We’re going in to our seventh, eighth game. At the end of the day, if ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll can see in him, I am getting tired of talking about it. Our relationship is good. It’s extremely healthy. We mesh extremely well and at the end of the day, I don’t see any of that changing. As far as the play call from him and myself, I’m the player and he’s the coach. Anything he’s trying to implement in this offense, I’m all for it.

RE: On his dynamic with Norv Turner

“What’s up Coach?” “What’s up, baby?” “How do you feel?” “I feel alright, you know what I’m saying.” “It’s going to be a good game today, alright. Stay focused, alright?” Boom. Then when I score a touchdown it’s, “Oh I love it”.

RE: Rating Christian McCaffrey’s hurdle form

It’s pretty solid and then for him to keep his balance. I know we all saw that commercial of him and J. Smoove. The cat, he was like a cat right there. I told him, it was funny in the game. I felt so bad as we go down and we’re in the red zone then all of the sudden we have a play where it’s a read for me and I’m looking and I’m like, “Bruh, I don’t want to keep it. You did such a good job of getting us down here, so please score a touchdown.” He did, he got in. It’s just so fun to be on a team like this, having guys like C‐Mac [Christian McCaffrey] and players that we’ve already mentioned. It’s going to tell a lot about our team, how we get prepared on a short week going against a very good team.

RE: Greg Olsen’s comment on not wearing sticky gloves

I don’t know. Well, Mr. Reliable [Greg Olsen] it doesn’t matter what you wear. If he goes out there naked, hell, I’m a big fan of Greg Olsen. He’s done so much for me and I just know when that ball goes in the air, he’s coming down with it a high percentage of the time. I don’t care if he wears sticky gloves, un‐sticky gloves, latex gloves, hospital gloves, small gloves, big gloves, kitchen gloves. He’d catch it.

RE: Blocking on the reverse

I’ve been seeing a lot of folks didn’t want no smoke from your boy. I’ve got good film now and it goes way back. I just want ya’ll to show TD [Thomas Davis]. If you show TD how well my physicality is and how I’m blocking, he’s going to realize how old he is when he runs up against me. No, but on a serious note. Like I say man, I’m a football player. I just so happen to play quarterback and I think a lot of people kind of get that misconstrued. Whatever this team asks me to do – run, pass, catch, block – I’m all for it. I just want to win football games and that’s it.

RE: Lead cut to 7 points, Panthers respond with touchdown drive. What was said in the huddle before that drive?

No panic. We knew that, I said it before and I say it with so much respect for Tampa, those guys are extremely comfortable with playing behind. A lot of teams, I don’t know if there’s lot of teams that would have came back with a fight, battling from 35‐14 or whatever the score was at halftime. Those guys battled back and made it a game. We knew that. They have so much of that in their DNA as we prepared for those guys knowing that they’d never give up, they’d be resilient, and they were just one play away. At the end of the day, we still had to find ways to put points up on the board and battle back. Like I always say, we just have to have great tactics and good things that we put on film because we never know. That may have set up something later on in the year that we’ll be prepared for.

RE: Vibe knowing you have plays like the reverse in your back pocket

I can’t speak for a lot of people, but for me I just look and see if the quarterback is involved in the receiving end of it. It baffles me that I only have one reception and I’m looking around at different quarterbacks in the league that I can go toe‐to‐toe with for athleticism and I just ain’t got no passes. I just want a rushing, passing, and throwing touchdown.

RE: Who’d be the best teammate to throw you the ball?

We’ve got so many athletes. I know Fun [Devin Funchess], he’s going to look at this and be like, “Man, bro I’m supposed to be throwing it,” but I think that accuracy‐wise, it could be either C‐Mac [Christian McCaffrey] or I think Denniston [DJ Moore] can throw too. I’d love to get one from Greg [Olsen] though. Wouldn’t that be sweet? That would be ironic, huh? Throwing it to him and then him throwing it back to me. I could show him why I am Mr. Reliable too. With no gloves.

RE: Assessment of the first half of the season

It’s good. We kind of break our season into quarters. We’re still in, I believe, the third quarter right now of games or we’re going into the third quarter. We’ve just got to stay focused. As for us, we know how teams are going to play us before or right in between the second and third drive. And when that downloads into our system, we have to attack and be ready to make plays.

RE: How would you assess David Tepper’s drip?

Just ask that question one more time. I just like the way that sounds. Say it again, I couldn’t hear you. [Repeats question]. First off, he was bold for doing it. I got to get my plug with this hat, there’s a lot of things with a hat connoisseur. I saw some flaws, but I was surprised. I liked the color. The color you can’t go wrong with the shade or hint of Carolina blue. Then he had the feather. I’m a big fan of feathers. But the quality was just kind of, for a person with his bank, he’s supposed to have the best of the best. I’m going to get him the best of the best. I’m going to get him a present for Christmas and hope he gets me something for Christmas too because I know he’s got it. He can’t fool me.

RE: Is a short week more mental or physical preparation?

Mental more than anything. I just know, for us, we’ve got so many young guys on this team that are like sponges. For the old guys and vets, we have to be able to roll over. I remember playing last year and that was one of the most challenging games because your body doesn’t have time to recover. Usually you’re peaking over the hump on Thursday or Friday to get prepared for Sunday’s game. For us, we know that moving forward we just have to stay on top of those things to make sure we’re putting the best product on the field.

RE: Is there value in seeing Pittsburgh in the preseason?

Not really because it’s different guys. I think we played them in the fourth game. They didn’t have any starters playing. We didn’t’ have any starters playing. At the end of the day we know that going into Heinz Field is going to be a playoff‐like environment. We’re looking forward to everything that they present and it’s going to tell a lot about our football team.


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