Cam Newton: "We just haven't found a way to win."

Cam Newton Postgame Press Conference vs Browns

On struggling to finish games:

“I don’t know. It’s extremely frustrating to come up short each and every week with similar settings and not be able to push through. I wish I had the words to say but I don’t. In this league, that’s what I always come down to: finding ways to keep the game close. We just haven’t found a way to win.”

On the Browns defense and offensive struggles:

“We were moving the ball. That’s the explanation that remains a question mark. We move the ball on teams. We move up and down the field. We’ve just found ways to come up short. The only thing that comes to mind is that we’re not playing good complimentary football. When the defense is getting stops and turnovers, we can’t just have this lackluster performance and find ways to not get points. Those opportunities slip through our grasp and find ways to come back and bite us. Early on in the second half, we had opportunities, favorable field position, and we just have to find ways to score points, touchdowns, preferably. Now everyone goes to shuffling, running around with their heads cut off and panicking at the end of the game. We should’ve done the hard work when we had opportunities. It’s just a detriment to everyone. I’m going to do my part. I’m starting with myself. We all put ourselves in this situation. There’s no one person to blame. We just have to keep moving forward.”

On his improvement:

“No one wants me to succeed more than me. I practice for those moments. As a player, you live for those moments. And, when those things keep constantly happening not in your favor, it can be easy to lose confidence and try to blame something. I still stay the same. As far as me getting better, I know I will get better.”

On facing adversity:

“We’re in a position where we’re done with the cliché sayings. It just comes down to us doing our job. That’s pretty much what it is, in all three phases of football. Even though coach can get up and motivate us, we can get up, scream and holler, it just comes down to us doing our job.”

On if he feels that he and Panthers WR Devin Funchess are not on the same page:

“I wouldn’t say that. It comes down to execution. We talked it out and got on the same page. From executing the given gameplan, it was not necessarily his fault a lot of times. It was more about understanding how the defense maps out whether you are hot or not. Just like I said, executing.”

On if it is more difficult to get the timing down with Funchess:

“No. We are professionals. It does not matter if you get the reps in the week or not. Do your job.”

S Mike Adams:

On expectations for the remainder of the season:

“[They’re] pretty high. You know, we had high expectations for the season, and unfortunately it hasn’t been going our way. Unfortunately it didn’t go our way, but at the end of the day, the only people we can blame are ourselves. We were put in great positions to make plays and we just haven’t been making them.”

On where the breakdowns have been for the Panthers:

“It’s just not making the big plays when we have to. Earlier on, they had a couple of deep shots and a couple of big runs. We’ve watched them on film and they’ve been playing well, but this is inexcusable for us. We’ve still got to go out there and execute those plays. We didn’t do that earlier on and we dug ourselves a hole.”

On getting this season back on track:

“We’re on a skid – a losing streak right now, so obviously, we didn’t get that bad taste out of our mouth. It’s frustrating because we’re a better team than that. I’m not blaming it on [the Panthers’ Week 10 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers] because that game is over and done. We’re a veteran team. We always look to move forward, but we just haven’t been making the plays that we’ve needed to make at crucial times.”