Cam Newton's postgame presser, featuring special guests

Watch as quarterback Cam Newton meets with the media to discuss Carolina's big win over Baltimore.

RE: His kids growing up and watching him play

To them, they don’t know who I am. They just know me as Daddy. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about anything. I’ll try to keep it like that as long as possible. No matter how high you get or how low you get, having children balances everything out. It put a lot of things in to perspective.

RE: Previous slow starts versus today, hitting the ground running

We played great complementary football. It started with the defense and even on special teams, we got great field position by a good spot on the punt return. Thanks to Kirko [Curtis Samuel] and [Michael] Palardy and those guys, we wanted to do a good job and capitalize on good field position.

RE: Panthers most complete game this season

I wouldn’t say that. I hate labeling games. That was a great team win. We just look forward to moving forward as the season progresses. We plan to keep on getting better.

RE: Today’s protection by the offensive line

Our offensive line is playing as confident as they ever have. For guys labeled as undesirables or misfits, they sure are doing a great job. C.C. [Chris Clark] with his leadership, being on a couple teams and playing great quarterbacks, he understands what it takes to win. For him, knowing that at the left tackle position and helping guys like Sweat Pack [Taylor Moton], Trai [Turner], and Rhino [Ryan Kalil]. It’s a correlation of guys putting great work in throughout the week and showing up on Sunday.

RE: Young guys complementing each other, what does it say about the future?

I think they look for each other to feed off. From veteran leadership to whatever. Kirko [Curtis Samuel], Denniston [DJ Moore] they come in and you sense that they don’t know, but they’re willing to learn and that’s the first step to making the first stride. I put the pressure on them last night and told them that for them, with Default [Torrey Smith] being out, it’s going to be very important for them to come in and get a groove early on and that’s what they did.

RE: Challenges missing reps and practice

I didn’t have the practice reps that I wanted to have and when I was supposed to practice, it got shut down because of the rain and what not. Just as much pressure as it is to me, it’s for everybody else. It shows a lot for our team and what kind of veteran leadership we have.

RE: Carolina’s Hail Mary at the end of the first half

I don’t know. It looked good to me and it’s something we’ve been working on at practice. All of a sudden, we called it in the game and it worked to perfection. But for me not being in there, it was just a feel thing and I knew how I was feeling at that time and felt that Heineken [Taylor Heineke] put our team in the best situation.

RE: Capitalizing on breaks

You have no idea. Especially so much going in to just scoring and when we score the way we did, a score correlation of the pitch and getting a good bounce to the bounce pop-up. It’s just a bounce in the right direction.

RE: DJ Moore’s ability to put mistakes behind him

He just has to keep learning and something that’s so important for young guys, the game is never over. We had little mishaps, little miscues. The difference in college and pros is you may only have that one rep in practice. That one rep may be in walkthroughs. It’s impossible for everything to come together and go over everything. We talked about it, but we’ll learn from it and we’ll get better from it. DJ is such an exceptional talent and dynamic player with the ball in his hands. We have to find ways to get the ball in his hands. From running the football to toss sweeps to chucking the ball down-field, he’s ready for it.

RE: Carolina’s variety of options on offense

We possess a lot of issues for the defense and that’s what this offense was built for. We have dynamic players all around the field and it’s great to see young guys step up. Kirko [Curtis Samuel], I just mentioned Denniston [DJ Moore]. We already know what we’re going to get in C-Mac [Christian McCaffrey] and just to see Greg [Olsen] being his old self, is big for our growth.

RE: DJ Moore’s performance and outlook for the future

I wouldn’t even call it a light switch because he’s always possessed that. It’s weird, you kind of get a different feeling from different players when they come in and DJ is as even-keeled as anybody else. He’s one of those players where if you don’t talk to him, he’s not going to talk to you. It’s important for me to get a gauge of what pushes him and vice versa. For him to feel comfortable, knowing where he’s come from, this is different. And making sure that the biggest distractions may not be the ones when you face defeat, but also the ones when you face success. Bouncing back from a game like this, seeing how he moves forward, and we’re hoping for good things moving forward.

RE: Playing teams that are struggling

What I’m not about to let you do is nuke this win. The Ravens’ defense is one of the best defenses we’ve played all year. It was a great team win for us. We can’t really get ahead of ourselves with preparation for the next game because we obviously haven’t done the scouting report on them. It doesn’t really matter. We just have to find ways to win football games no matter who we’re playing. Today presented a lot of different issues and we just have to find ways to win.

RE: His best Halloween costume

When you say the best, is that considered the worst? I tried to dress up as TD [Thomas Davis] and I scared myself, so I didn’t even bother to finish that. There was one Halloween, one of the makeup artists from The Walking Dead did my makeup. My dog, Joe Webb, were in there getting our makeup done for about three hours and it literally took us four hours to take it off. From the paint, the glue, the plastic stuff. It just makes you respect the art and the work that those guys go through. Especially watching films like The Walking Dead.

RE: Panthers’ 99-yard drive and its effect on Ravens’ defense

I don’t know what it does to them, but I know what it does for us. It gave us superior confidence knowing that we have the talent to one, create cushion and two, punch it in. We got the players in, that can attack in many different ways and that’s what we wanted to do today.


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