Cam Newton: "It was just a domino effect"

QB Cam Newton addresses the media after Thursday Night Football loss in Pittsburgh.

Re: General overview of the game

We played a very skilled and talented Pittsburgh team. We just got whooped man. It happens. You’ll have those type of games in the League. It’s going to be about how we rebound and get ready for our next opponent.

Re: Impact of Steeler’s quick turnaround after the pick-six

It was just a domino effect. It felt like we started off fast. We wanted to start fast, scored on the first drive, and then all of a sudden… They had a plan coming in and it was very clear what their plan was. They had a lot of Rob rushes, wanted to eat up the space, take away the rush lanes and run lanes. They did a great job with that, and I tip my hat off to those guys, and you just have to do better next time.

Re: Continuing to play in the fourth quarter despite the deficit

It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, my job is to be the best football player possible. If I’m still in there, then I am still supposed to be in there. I’m not going to complain or bicker about it. That’s just how it played out. I’m not going to be in my feelings about it and it is what it is.

How did a game like this feel after a string of successes?

I’ll tell you what, it sure enough was a humbling piece of pie. It was a learning experience for a lot of guys. If we expect us to be as good as we expect us to be, we have to find ways to win games like this in hostile environment. It was extremely loud. We played against a talented team like I said before, and we just have to find ways to win football games. We had a lot of our noses bleeding early on and we just have to stop it. [We] need to find ways to keep things going in our favor – offensively, defensively and special teams. We just got out played today.

Re: Inconsistencies in helmet to helmet hits between him and Ben Roethlisberger

It is what it is. Last week was a perfect example of the same scenario. Quarterbacks get hit, and I’m not here to judge if a flag is getting called, but it is an inconsistency. I do understand that, and I’ve understood it for a long time. At the end of the day, you still have to learn from it, play through it and keep fighting.

Re: What happened on the pick-six

I was just trying to throw the ball away, and when you’re getting slung around, you can’t really control the accuracy. I didn’t know if I was in the end zone or not. I didn’t want to get an intentional grounding, so the first person I saw was Greg [Olsen]. I was just trying to throw it at his feet, but when you’re getting slung the ball-accuracy takes off in ways you didn’t want it to go. Like I said, I hit the ground, looked up and it was an interception. It was so close to the end zone that… it is what it is. Like I said, I’ve been playing in this league long enough to understand that you need to fight through games like this. We can easily be on the other side, and we have. At the end of the day, they got the win. It’s alright. We’ll be alright.

Were you surprised Eric Reid got ejected for that hit?

I was surprised that he got ejected. Depending on your vantage point or what you seen. I’m not here to say anything or scrutinize the referees for what they’ve done or whatever. Was it a dirty play? Who knows. My plate is full trying to be the best quarterback I can possibly be. That’s what I am going to keep trying to do.

Can you expand on winning games in a hostile environment because it is a game that you will face down the stretch?

Absolutely. We just got to be ready for it. We have a lot of young guys that are making an impact for us that we are going to need and rely on. We just need to be firing on all cylinders. From the pick six, to the early touchdowns, the kind of game planning they had defensively, you combine and add that all up and you still have to find ways to score points, stop them, make due to give us and opportunity that you can kind of show for because you can’t mimic this type of environment at practice. It’s either you step up and play in it as well as you possibly can and if not, there is a lot of opportunity lost and today we lost that opportunity.

Can you talk about their pass rush was it something you missed on tape or was it just a matter of execution?

No, they just played good. Very physical type of front like I said they had a plan and it’s good. It’s okay, we’ll be fine, and we’ll bounce back from this.

How has Christian McCaffrey turned into a safety net for this offense with all of his touchdowns? Just the ability to impact any game whenever he wants to shows the performance had today. He not only can be successful or effective in the pass game but also running the ball as well. I look forward to him having that impact and that is just another thing teams have to get prepared for.

How disappointing was it knowing it’s Thursday night?

It was a quick week, quick turnaround. We understood that there were some matchups that were favorable in our behalf but when you get put behind the eight ball that kind of deterrers you from the given game plan. You just have to find ways to put up points as quickly as possible, stay in our rhythm, or keep the defense off balance. It happens like this sometimes and we’re ok with it. What I am not ok is not learning from this and the guys in that locker room seem to have a grasp on what’s at stake. We know what we are capable of being a deep contender playoff team and we just got to find ways.


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