Tannehill kicks rookie RB Ballage out of Dolphins huddle

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill received the blessing of head coach Adam Gase after he kicked a rookie running back out of the huddle following a missed assignment.Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Ballage: "There’s still a lot I’ve got to learn. Just continuing to grow every day.”

A missed assignment.

A quarterback sack.

A rookie kicked out of the huddle and a veteran making a leadership statement.

On Sunday at Miami Dolphins training camp, quarterback Ryan Tannehill opened some eyes when he booted running back Kalen Ballage out of the huddle after the rookie missed an assignment that led to a sack.

Tannehill wasn’t finished making his point with Ballage. During a break in the offense, Tannehill sought out Ballage on the sideline and could be seen giving the Arizona State product an earful.

Dolphins second-year head coach Adam Gase supported Tannehill 100 percent.

“He was right, with what he did,” Gase told the Miami Herald. “I would have been upset if I were him, because who knows what the result in a game would have been? … I think he was in the right. He kind of made an example there. When he does things like that, for our offense, that’s good.”

Ballage accepted the criticism saying the missed assignment is part of the learning curve and he has to learn from those mistakes.

“He’s been in this offense for three, four years,” Ballage said. “I’ve been in it for two months. There’s still a lot I’ve got to learn. Just continuing to grow every day.”

Tannehill missed the entire 2017 season because of a torn ACL. Last week was the first time he took live snaps since 2016.