Cutler keeps options open on wife’s reality TV show

Quarterback Jay Cutler (6) looks on after the Miami Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium on Dec. 11.Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports (file photo)

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Jay Cutler still has not officially announced his retirement from the NFL, and he remained ambiguous on that issue during his appearance on his wife’s reality television show.

Cutler, who unretired last season to start 14 games at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, played a prominent role on Sunday’s telecast of “Very Cavallari.” The program on the E! Network revolves around Cutler’s wife, Kristin Cavallari, who is opening a Nashville store for her jewelry line.

Asked during the show by his wife whether he has plans for the next part of his life, Cutler replied, “I’m not really looking to do a lot of work right now. I’m looking to do the exact opposite of that.”

Cutler later added, “I like to keep myself pretty free so if something does pop up … bounce right into it.”

Cavallari asked him if he was 100 percent done with football.

“I mean I can’t say 100,” he said. “Probably.”

The 35-year-old Cutler said he would know in September whether he is done playing.

The Dolphins went 6-8 in games started by Cutler, who missed the final two games with shoulder and ankle injuries. He completed 62 percent of his passes with 19 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions.

Before unretiring to join the Dolphins following a season-ending knee injury to Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Cutler was scheduled to work as a commentator for FOX Sports NFL games. There was no indication on Sunday whether that remains a possibility for the future.

The Chicago Tribune provided a play-by-play on Cutler’s performance on his wife’s show:

–Carried a cooler of elk meat while wearing a camo cap

–Called Cavallari’s assistants “chicks”

–Ignored these women as they entered his home

–Explained why he doesn’t wear heels

–Told his wife he would shop at her store but there may be days when no one else will


–Claimed he picks out 98 percent of Cavallari’s clothes

–Instructed Cavallari’s office assistant, Reagan Agee, to put orange cones in his driveway to stop her colleagues from parking on his lawn

–Scoffed at Agee’s workout routine

–Raised his eyebrows

–Wet his hair



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