Broncos DE Harris sees different vibe from team at OTAs

Denver Broncos defensive end Shelby Harris is confident his team can rebound from a poor season in 2017.Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports (file photo)

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Denver Broncos defensive end Shelby Harris likes the sense of urgency he sees in his team at Organized team Activities.

"Everyone has something to prove," he said. "There is competition at every level.

Perhaps the area on the team with the most depth is the defensive line.

"It pushes everyone to be the best that they can be at every practice," Harris said. "You can't take any days off. You've got to prepare and do everything like you job depends on it. Which is does for a lot of guys. I love the atmosphere. I love the competitiveness. And I that this is OTA No. 5--having a great time out there. We're working and getting better every day."

After finishing 5-11 and last in the AFC West last season, there is a lot of room for improvement on the team.

"People are playing toward their strengths this year," Harris said. "We're going to have guys rushing the passer. We're going to have guys trying to stop guys from catching the ball and everything. I like what we're doing this year a lot. I feel like it fits our strengths a lot more.

"We added a little bit more. So, we'll see once we actually get to real competition. Because everything was good during OTAs. Everything from OTAs it's like, 'Oh yeah! We're going to win the Super Bowl 100-0 (laughing).' But we've got to wait until we actually start getting some live competition. And then judge it from there."

Look no further than last season, to drive home Harris' point about OTAs not being a barometer of the upcoming season.

"We looked great during the preseason. Undefeated, the practice against the 49ers--we all did well," Harris said about last season. "It's a continuous effort to get better during the season. You've got to prove yourself every week in this league. You can't ever thrive off of the Super Bowl they won a couple of years ago. Because most of those guys aren't here anymore. It's a continuous effort every week to prove that you're the best that you can be, and the best in the league. Which I feel like we can do."