QB Matt Cassel on performance against Browns: "We all have work to do"

QB Matt Cassel discusses his play against the Cleveland Browns and his outlook on the backup Quarterback competition.

On finishing the preseason 1-3: Yeah, obviously we wouldve liked to have played better at times, but its a growing experience, every preseason is. Teams come together and you learn a lot about your ballclub. At the same time, a lot of things change as you get ready for season. Weve got to get our focus ready for the Jets and go from there.

On what needs to change before next week: Thats probably a better question for Coach (Matt) Patricia and everything else. As players, we try to go out and execute the game plan with the best of our abilities. We all have work to do, we all have to get better in different areas and improve.

On anything that stood out from the offense tonight: Like Ive said, we have a lot of work to do. I think when at times we move the ball and at other times we just stalled out, we have to get in more of a rhythm. That was just today and you take it for what its worth. You have to make corrections for next week and get ready to go.

On being able to correct these issues in a week: Ive been through a lot of different preseasons over my 14-year career. There has been teams where we are 0-4 and look like a disaster and we end up going 11-5. Theres a lot put into early preseason games and we have come together as a team. At the same time, as I said, when it comes to regular season it can be a completely different story.