What will Le’Veon Bell fetch on the open market?

If the Jets go after the 26-year-old, how much will he cost them?

Le’Veon Bell sure read things wrong. Thinking he could coax the Steelers into a long-term deal, he instead will sit out the entire season while his replacement, James Conner, leads the AFC in rushing.


If it is a “foregone conclusion” the Jets sign Bell this off-season, as one source told Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, the Jets have plenty of money to sign him. They’re projected to have nearly $90 million in cap space, and it could reach more than $100 million depending on what the cap is set at next season.

But that doesn’t mean they should just spend for the sake of spending. Isaiah Crowell is already on the books for next season at a very reasonable $4 million, and adding the two-time first team All-Pro to the backfield will obviously be a nice complement.

Just how much the Jets will offer is unknown, although we do know they were willing to give Kirk Cousins $90 million guaranteed for three seasons this offseason. So overpaying wouldn’t be new to them.

The sports betting website Bovada came out with odds for the length and value of Bell’s next contract (with any team, not just the Jets) earlier this week, and here’s what they came up with...

How long will Le'Veon Bell’s next NFL contract be?

Over 4 Years -165 (20/33)

Under 4 Years +125 (5/4)

How Much will Le'Veon Bell next NFL contract be worth?

Over/Under 64.5 Million

In case you’re new to the betting world, if you bet something at -165 odds, you’d have to risk $165 to win $100.

It was reported this offseason that Bell turned down the Steelers’ offer of $70 million for five years ($14 mil per year).

So maybe the Jets will actually be getting a deal.