What to do with O.C. Jeremy Bates is first question for new coach

With Todd Bowles out as head coach, staff questions remain

The Jets let their head coach go after Sunday's loss in New England, but the rest of the staff remains -- for now.

If the Jets bring in an offensive-minded head coach, a la Eric Bieniemy or Mike McCarthy, it would make sense to part ways with Jeremy Bates after an uneven season as O.C.

And even a defensive-minded coach will likely want to assemble his own staff.

Pro, con to keeping Jeremy Bates


--He might have weened Sam Darnold of his turnover problems. The rookie turned the ball over 15 times his first nine games, but only twice in four games after missing four weeks (three games and a bye) with a foot injury.

The 21-year-old had a massive turnover problem while at USC (28 in two seasons), and that continued into his the first part of his rookie season, but Bates worked with him on protecting the ball, and it seemed to work.

Many people credited Josh McCown with teaching Darnold some things, but not turning the ball over probably wasn't one of them, as the 39-year-old has turned it over 17 times in 17 games with the Jets.


--The Jets finished 29th in total yardage this season. That's not entirely Bates' fault, because it's not as if the personnel is very good, but the blame has to fall somewhere.

Also, it seems as if many players on the Jets offense felt Bates was too conservative, especially early in the season, not letting Darnold take many chances. Jermaine Kearse voiced that displeasure Monday, and one player's agent even said retaining Bates would affect the Jets' ability to sign desirable free agents this offseason.

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