Todd Bowles keeping Spencer Long in the game so long is a fireable offense

The Jets' head coach is 23-34, and it might be time to make a change

Center Spencer Long has been dealing with a finger injury for weeks now. It's been clear the last few games he can't shotgun snap accurately.

It continued to be a problem in Sunday's 13-6 loss to the Dolphins.

But yet head coach Todd Bowles didn't make a change to Jonotthan Harrison until the fourth quarter. Why?

Worse still, Bowles said after the game the only reason he went to Harrison was because Long re-injured his finger.

Sam Darnold made plenty of bad throws, going 21-for-39 for 229 yards with four interceptions, but the snaps didn't help (as seen in the video above). He was also sacked four times, and the snaps didn't help in that department, either.

Darnold even had his helmet come off when he was sacked by a gang of Dolphins after an errant snap.

When asked why he didn't take Long out sooner, Bowles said: "I'll look at the film and I'll evaluate it then."

Great, Todd. But your job is to evaluate these things in game so you don't get your prized 21-year-old quarterback hurt.

Said Long: "It is frustrating because this is my career."