The Jets may keep Todd Bowles because they don't have anyone else

Todd Bowles is a dead coach walking, but he may last the rest of the season because the Jets don't have other options

There's a zero percent chance Todd Bowles is the Jets' head coach next season unless they miraculously win their last six games and sneak into the playoffs.

But after Sunday's 41-10 stink-fest against the Bills, the Jets (3-7) have a better chance of losing out than they do of winning out. They play only one team the rest of the way with a losing record, and it's the Buffalo team that just blew them out.

They have two games against the Patriots (7-3), play host to the Texans (6-3) and Packers (4-4-1) and travel to the Titans (5-4) and the aforementioned Bills (3-7). They'll be lucky to finish with a 5-11 record for the third straight season.

The bye week seems like a natural time to make a coaching change, but the early reports are Bowles may last the rest of the season.

On the surface, the reason why would be to maintain continuity for Sam Darnold, because the rookie's maturation is key to the Jets' future, not how many wins and losses they get this season. But another reason is that the Jets don't have another person on staff capable of being a head coach right now.

Jets coaching staff lacks experience

Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates just re-entered the league last season as a quarterbacks coach after a four-year hiatus, and he appears to be in over his head calling an offense that has produced only 43 points during its four-game losing streak.

Like Bates, defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers has never been a head coach at any level. Before Bowles brought him on when he was hired in 2015, Rodgers had never even been a coordinator at any level. And he just had a serious medical issue a few weeks ago, so he may not be up for head coaching duties, anyway.

Special teams coach Brant Boyer has only ever been an assistant, and the same goes for the rest of the Jets' position coaches.

To a man, the Jets say Bowles is not the problem, but the numbers aren't pretty. He's 13-29 since the start of the 2016 season, he has two road wins in his last 12 away from MetLife Stadium and the Jets just gave up 41 points to a team that had scored 20 combined in its last three games.

"Again, T. Bowles is not the problem," strong safety Jamal Adams said after the game, answering numerous questions about the future of the only coach he's ever known in the NFL. "I'm going to ride with T. Bowles until the end. I don't care what the fans say. I'm going to support my coach through thick and thin."

Still, Jets have three games in their last six against coaches who have won a Super Bowl (two against Bill Belichick and another against Mike McCarthy of the Packers), so not only are they likely to be outplayed, they'll likely be out-coached.

And there's really nothing they can do about it right now.