Roughing the passer rule to remain in effect

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was called for a roughing the passer penalty on this hit against Redskins quarterback Alex Smith.Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports file photo

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After complaints from fans and teams alike regarding what is perceived to be some “softness” to the roughing-the-passer rule as it relates to defenders falling on quarterbacks with all or most of their body weight, the NFL Competition Committee had a conference on Wednesday night.

The committee reviewed video of roughing-the-passer fouls from this season and last and concluded that nothing needs to be changed.

The rule emphasis instituted in the spring about the body weight provision that has been in effect since 2015 will remain, according to a statement from NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent.

Vincent also said the league will continue to provide video feedback to coaches, players and officials to differentiate between “permissible and impermissible contact on the quarterback.”

The NFL also released a video showing four examples of illegal contact and four examples of legal contact in an effort to clarify things.