Rams Coach Sean McVay: "I thought the players did a great job tonight."

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams

#LARams LIVE Sean McVay Postgame Press Conference

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(Opening statement)

"Great team win for us right there against a really tough opponent. Can't say enough about the performance of (QB) Jared Goff tonight. To go 26 of 33 (passes), for 465 (passing yards), five touchdowns. Just spraying the ball, getting three guys over 100 (passing yards), (RB) Todd (Gurley II) had 73 (passing yards) I think. I was just great command by him. I thought I put us in some tough spots down in the redzone. I got to be better for us on third down, and then really, defensively, they made enough plays to get us off the grass. I thought that (DL) John Franklin (Myers), great job wrapping up the game and then both (DT Ndamukong) Suh and (DT) Aaron (Donald) had big time sacks that ended up leading to big stops for us. We'll take it, it's a tougher, hard-earned win. We'll enjoy the weekend and we'll come back ready to go for it for what we know is a great division team in the Seattle Seahawks."

(On the confidence Goff is throwing the ball with right now and the difficult throws that a lot of guys don't even try)

"Yeah, no, he really is. I think the one throw to (WR Cooper) Kupp in the back of the endzone was unbelievable. It's almost like you're throwing it away and Cooper did a great job saving them a little bit of room and Jared put it in about a six-inch box that he could only fit it into. He felt good pregame, you could just see he had a great command, great poise all night. Unbelievable job by him, really it's just – it was impressive."

(On the 70-yard touchdown to Kupp and in what point of the week did they feel like if they got the right look it would be a touchdown)

"We were hopeful that we would be able to get that match up but ultimately you know the guys did a great job. I thought Jared threw that with great touch and trajectory right there. You know where it allowed him to run underneath it and then Cooper to be able to finish. Great protection up front and you know that's a tough defense. I've got so much respect for (Vikings Head Coach) Mike Zimmer and a lot of their players. They present a lot of issues and that's a really good football team right there, and we'll take when we can get it."

(On where he feels like the team is at right now after the first quarter of the season)

"Ultimately your goal is to try to win football games. I think we can still do a lot of things, that we can look at ourselves critically. Certainly, it was a good performance by a lot of guys tonight, but we'll be consistent with our approach. That's going to be let's look at ourselves, let's figure out how we can continue to improve, how we as coaches can continue to try to put our players in good situations and then you just take it one day at a time. It's four games in right now, we've done what we through this first quarter of the season. I think guys will enjoy a couple of days off, get a little bit of rest and come back refreshed in recuperated for a tough game coming up."

(On if he feels like the team is in a zone right now and anything he calls right now will work)

"I think the players you know, they're the ones making the plays. I think they were in a zone. I think you know they're seeing things the right way. I think just in terms of the efficiency, throwing the football. I thought it was a big time play by Todd at the end right there, to be able to wrap it up with the little tight, downhill run that ended up bouncing to the left sideline, he had the presence to stay in bounds and then we were able to run the clock out right there. But just a lot of guys playing together, playing for each other, understanding kind of what we're trying to get done, having that identity. I can't say enough about that group right now."

(On CB Marcus Peters battling to get onto the field today to play and if he thinks that resonates with the team)

"Oh of course, yeah it really does. I think it demonstrates the toughness, how much he wants to be out there and compete with his teammates. He was fighting through, I thought he had a bunch of good competitive plays tonight. Really, it's a great demonstration of a true team guy that wanted to be out there with his teammates."

(On what he attributes Goff's growth and confidence on the field to)

"I think just a comfort level. I think he's got such a great command right now and you know he's intentional about getting better. (Quarterbacks Coach) Zac Taylor has done a great job with him. Really just having him make sure that he has an ownership of the game plan, understands what we're trying to get done and you know that constant dialogue, that communication that we talk about being on the same page. At the end of the day I think he's just thrown the ball extremely well. When things are in rhythm he's been outstanding, giving guys a chance to run after the catch. Then you look at a couple of plays where we ended up running some bootlegs. He's going to his left, getting his shoulders around, hitting (WR Brandin) Cooks in stride, hitting (WR) Robert Woods, so there's a handful of plays that he made tonight that are just a great player making great plays, but then also when things were there in rhythm I thought he was outstanding."

(On the atmosphere tonight and the memo he sent out in the Los Angeles times)

"It was special. It felt very similar to the Atlanta atmosphere in the playoffs and I think that was a great demonstration of people showing up. I thought the players did a great job putting out a product that hopefully makes people want to continue to come out and support us. When you have atmospheres like that you want to continue to provide the fans with those kind of environments and get them excited about it. I thought the players did a great job tonight."

(On how after the second touchdown Goff pointed to him and told him they were going up for a touchdown celebrate)

"Yeah he drilled me. He got me pretty good right there (laughs). We were both excited. We had talked about that play, and when things work out the way that you hope that's always a fun exciting moment for the players and coaches. Him and Cooks both got me tonight. Cooks after he ended up hitting the one in the two-minute drive, getting that down the field. It's good to get him in the end zone too. Lot of fun exciting moments tonight for our team."

(On how he likes that Goff is even-keel but does it fire him up when he sees Goff engage in that type of celebration with him)

"No it actually mellows me out... yes it does get me fired up (laughs). No, no it's great, I think he's having fun. Sometimes you forget about these atmospheres, these environments. No moment is too big for him, and I think when your quarterback demonstrates that, you feel like you're in good hands. Certainly, he has done an outstanding job really this first quarter this season."

(On if he remembers the first time he ever saw a team do a flip)

"I think I've seen it in college, I've seen a bunch of teams in the NFL utilize it as well. We've got the personnel that we feel like it's something that can fit with us and it's something that we'll continue to try to expand upon. Really this first quarter when you've got a couple days off allows you to kind of evaluate yourself, but then also look around the league and see what's going on."

(On if CB Aqib Talib had surgery today as scheduled)

"He did, yes he had surgery. Good news is I think the deltoid was intact. So, I think hopefully we'll get him back sooner than later. Yes, I won't forget about that one, Gary (laughs)."

(On how important it is for the defense for DT Ndamukong Suh and DT Aaron Donald to be making the types of plays they did today)

"It's huge and I think really just the pass rush in general. To be able to get there, to be able to affect and influence the quarterback is something we always talk about. Force the ball to come out early or get him off his spot. (Vikings Quarterback Kirk) Cousins made a handful of great throws tonight but I thought our guys did a great job being able to get there and be in our best and our best was required like we talk about."

(On if it's a dream match-up for him as a play caller when he sees that when Gurley runs the seam on one side or where Kupp runs a throwback that they're matched with a linebacker)

"There's a lot of great players on the Minnesota defense. Fortunately, our guys when they did get some of the match ups that we wanted based on whatever the play call was, they delivered. That first touchdown you're talking about, (LB) Anthony Barr is as athletic a linebacker as there is in the league and Todd did a great job kind of run a little route where he got by him and Jared put it in the perfect spot. Then later on, we ended up getting Cooper kind of in a little — it was a little bit of a misdirection, kind of play-action pass. When the players are hitting spots, executing, making the plays when they're there to be had it sure makes your job as a coach fun to work with these guys."

(On if he'll actually take a day off)

"Yes, I think so. My parents are in town — eh, maybe not but, I'll get a little time to relax. They've been in town for the last month with us having these home games and get a chance to spend time with them and my girlfriend so I'm looking forward to that."