Mack Making a Difference on Falcons Offensive Line

The veteran center has brought stability, production to the transitional OL

Center Alex Mack has helped solidify the offensive line, which has been in transition most of the season due to injuries that took away both guards. Mack and left tackle Jake Matthews added to the cohesion that result in last week’s strong running game.

“They definitely take a lot from him,” coach Dan Quinn said.

He referenced an in-house category called “finish points” that are given for hustle, effort and toughness. Normally a lineman will get 10-11 in a game. It’s not unusual for Mack to get as many as 18.

“He’s kind of the front and center of it all,” Quinn said. “Down the field, getting blocks.”

Quinn said one play against the Redkins involving Mack stuck in his mind. It occurred on a third-down conversion on a pass to Mohamed Sanu.

“And as the tackle was being made, the guy that was pushing Mo forward past the chains was Alex Mack,” Quinn said. “So it’s the down-field plays that he’s able to finish.”

Mack began his career with Cleveland, where he was the No. 1 pick out of California, and spent seven seasons there before joining the Falcons in 2016. Mack has added a missing ingredient to the offensive line.

“From the first time being here, I knew he was smart,” Quinn said. “Probably what I didn’t have the appreciation for is how tough he is. And he’s demonstrated that over and over again. He’s at the front and center of it for sure.”