Atlanta Rush Defense To Be Tested Again

Falcons need another strong effort against the run

The run defense did a nice job against New York Giants rookie Saquon Barkley in the last game. Now they’ll be tested again by veteran Adrian Peterson, who continues to perform at a high level.

“For us, tackling, you know, our leverage, our pursuit, those are things that we’re really to improve,” coach Dan Quinn said.

The defense even sounds better to Quinn.

“Generally, we can hear good defense. I told them, by how it sounds prior to the snap, in snap, that kind of communication. Now I’m hearing that on a more regular basis and that’s music to my ears. That’s for sure.”

The Falcons limited Barkley to 43 yards rushing on 14 carries, with the long gain of 15 yards. Throw out that one run and his average drops to 2.15 yards per carry.

“I wouldn’t put it as a shut down,” Quinn said. “For this year it’s been a shutdown.”

But Barkley was an unknown quantity to Quinn. He’s fully aware of the skills that Peterson brings to the table.

“Going into the game I was very impressed by Barkley and I left feeling the same,” Quinn aid. “I know exactly who Adrian Peterson is and playing against him and how tough he can be.”

Peterson has rushed for 587 yards and four touchdowns in seven games this season. In his career against the Falcons, Peterson has averaged 112.3 per game in three meetings.