REPORT: Darren Sproles suffers setback, will miss game against Cowboys

The 35 year-old running back hasn't played since Sept. 6, and now you have to wonder if he will ever play again

Hopes were high on Wednesday when Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said that veteran running back Darren Sproles would play Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys.

It doesn't look like that will happen now. According to a report by ESPN's Adam Schefter, Sproles suffered a setback with the hamstring that has prevented him from playing since the season opener on Sept. 6.

Sproles, who is 35, has already said this will be his final season. He returned this year only because he didn't want his career to end when he suffered multiple season-ending injuries last year against the Washington Redskins.

Whether or not he will be able to play again this year remains up inthe air. Pederson won't meet with the media again until Friday morning.

Sproles was expected to be a big piece of the offense on Sunday night. He was also going to regain his punt returning duties.

Pederson said on Wednesday that Sproles was "going to be a big part of the game."

DeAndre Carter handled punt return duties with Sproles out, but Carter was released earlier in the week and has since been claimed by the Houston Texans.

Pederson would not commit on Wednesday to who is punt returner would be if Sproles could not go.

"I'm not going to divulge all our secrets, but we have a backup plan if that's the case," he said.

Well, it looks like that will be the case. And the putn returner could, in fact, be newly acquired receiver Golden Tate.

Tate has had 92 punt returns in his nine NFL seasons for 974 yards. This year, while with the Detroit Lions, he returned two punts for 15 yards. He only had two punt returns in 2016 as well.