Here's what needs to happen for Eagles to make the playoffs

There is a chance, albeit a very small one it can happen, but they will need plenty of help along the way

The Eagles no longer control their own playoff destiny, though if they win their final three games their odds of making into the NFC playoffs as the second wildcard team would increase dramatically.

Even in that scenario, they would have to hope that neither the Vikings (6-6-1) nor the Panthers (6-7) win out. The Eagles (6-7) lost to both those teams so they would lose on tiebreaker if one of them were to win out along with the Birds.

If the season ended today, it would be the Vikings joining the Seahawks as the two wildcard teams, but there are three weeks left.

Here is what remains for each team:


At Los Angeles Rams

Home versus Houston Texans

At Washington Redskins


Home versus Miami Dolphins

At Detroit Lions

Home versus Chicago Bears


Home versus New Orleans Saints

Home versus Atlanta Falcons

At Saints

With the Rams and Texans both looming for the Eagles, the best they could likely hope for is a split then a win against a Redskins team that has become a train wreck after losing two quarterbacks to broken legs. A 2-1 finish would leave them at 8-8.

In that scenario, the Vikings and Panthers both have to lose two of their final three games.

The Panthers haven’t won a game since Nov. 4 and must play the Saints twice, including the regular-season finale. That game may mean nothing to the Saints, though they and the Rams have 11 wins each. New Orleans, however, owns the tiebreaker after beating L.A. earlier this season.

If it means nothing, the Panthers could find their second win here because the Falcons are one of this season’s biggest disappointments and in complete disarray after making it to the Super Bowl just two seasons ago.

The Vikings may be in a similar situation in the finale, up against a Bears team that may have nothing to play for in the regular-season finale. Their road appears to be very favorable, starting their three-game run against a Dolphins team that could be in for an emotional letdown after a miracle win over the New England Patriots last week.

After that, they play the Lions, a team they beat 24-9 earlier in the season.

So the Eagles’ season hangs by a very thin and fraying thread.