Doug Pederson updates Carson Wentz injury prior to Friday's practice

The Eagles coach termed Wentz's issue as a "stress" injury and said it evolved over time

Doug Pederson spent his entire news conference, running about 10 minutes long on Friday, talking about Carson Wentz.

The Eagles head coach tried to cut off questioning about Wentz and the fracture he has in his back after about two minutes, when he said: “He has a stress injury, evolved over time and he requires no surgery. “I’m not answering anymore questions about it. We’re playing the Rams in two days if you guys haven’t figured this out. So, he he’s listed as questionable and that’s the way it is.”

Yet, the questions kept coming, and so did Pederson’s answers.

Pederson termed the injury a stress injury, but said it can be worded any way you want, “a fracture, an injury….”

He said that Wentz will recover but didn’t want to put a timetable on how long the fracture could heal. Then he put a timetable on it, anyway.

“It could be, it could be three months, possibly,” he said.

Wentz will travel to the Los Angeles where the Eagles will play the Rams on Sunday night.

It doesn’t seem likely Wentz will play, because Pederson said the team is still gathering information about the injury.

“So the feasibility (of him not playing) is probably pretty high,” said the coach. “If we put him out there has to be 100 percent that there’s no risk of anything further.”

Pederson could not pinpoint when the injury occurred, but added that it didn’t happen because Wentz favored his surgically repaired left knee.

The coach said that it wasn’t known until Tuesday when he had a scan done, and fell back on his statement that the injury evolved.

“You’re asking when it happened and for something to evolve, it takes time,” he said. “When is that window? Where is that window? At the time probably it wasn’t identified as a stress injury or a stress fracture.”

That means that Wentz could have had this injury going back weeks or months and it wasn’t noticed. But Pederson added that there was no identifiable injury and that was why Wentz continued to play.

“There were no symptoms,” he said. “He was 100 percent, he practiced. He was not on the injury report.”

Except Wentz was on the injury report in late October leading up to playing the Jacksonville Jaguars with what was listed as a back injury.

Either way, Wentz has now been injured every year dating back to his final season at North Dakota State in 2015.

“I think you guys can sit here and say it’s probably a red flag,” said Pederson. “A lot of injuries occur because of the nature of the sport, the violent hits of this sport, guys know exactly what they’re getting into, even at a young age. Carson is no different.

“But moving forward we just have to make sure we do better job of protecting him, starting with the offensive line, starting with the backs, he does his part by getting the ball out of his hand, I do my part by maybe incorporating more screens and quick throws to help that. But it’s not anyway going to change the aggressiveness of my nature or his.”