Carson Wentz and Golden Tate begin building on-field chemistry

The QB was hunting in North Dakota when he heard of the trade, but didn't hit the field with his new WR until this week

Carson Wentz was hunting duck and geese in North Dakota with family and friends, one of whom was Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout, when he heard the trade for Carson Golden Tate was going down.

“It was pretty exciting,” said Wentz on Wednesday.

Not exciting enough for Wentz to jump on the next flight out of Fargo to start throwing passes to Tate. The Eagles quarterback needed the bye week more than he needed to work out Tate.

“The bye week was great,” said Wentz. “For really the entire team it came at a perfect time, middle of the season, you couldn’t ask for a better bye week than that. Just to be able to get away and refresh my mind, with the rehab and all that’s been going on this offseason, this was a big break for me both physically and mentally.”

Wentz and Tate exchanged multiple texts, though. The QB also knew that the coaching staff would be working with Tate on playbook stuff.

“I think we all tried to maximize our bye week and just get our minds away from this,” said Wentz. “Definitely started talking to Golden right away … just started texting about things and building that chemistry.”

Building chemistry off the field is difficult in season. Wentz invited Tate and his family to church over the weekend Tate’s wife and kids went, but Tate said he needed to stay in the playbook.

“Off the field, it’s obviously it’s tough in the middle of the season,” said Wentz. “We’re all busy, we all have things going on, so it’s sometimes hard to build that chemistry outside the facility, but just get to know each other best you can. Road games are big for that, just staying in each other’s ears about life and getting to know him as a person; inviting him to church, those types of things, just trying to get to know him. It’s something you can do, but again, it’s tough during the season to fully build that bond and everything outside the facility for sure.”

On the field, Wentz and Tate practiced together for the first time on Wednesday.

Tate said afterward that Wentz “throws a pretty ball.”

On Sunday night, when the Dallas Cowboys visit Lincoln Financial Field for an always-important NFC East clash, the fans will get their first look at just how far Wentz and Tate have come in a relatively short amount of time.